News For The Week Of March 18: Ted Summe raises $750k Seed Round for

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Theodore SummeWe want to congratulate Theodore Summe, founder and CEO of on raising $750,000 in a recent seed round. is a startup that’s based in San Fransisco, and they’re going to be releasing their social enterprise tool to private beta testers very soon.

Marco Nelson, ShoutOutWe’re really excited for Marco Nelson, Co-Founder & CEO of ShoutOut!, for the new website launch this week. It looks fantastic! ShoutOut! is the new app that allows you to give virtual appreciation when you experience a service that’s really great.

Eneko Knorr, LudeiEneko Knorr of Ludei recently announced that their app, iBasket, is now available in seven different app stores. Ludei lets you run your HTML5 games on all mobile devices with native performance.

Ioannis Verdelis, SyntelliaCongratulations are in order for Ioannis Verdelis of Fleksy for winning the 2013 SXSW Interactive Accelerator Award for the Mobile Technology category. Fleksy’s innovative technology continues to dazzle mobile users with its ease of use when texting on a touch screen.

Nathan Beckord, Co-Founder and CEO of FounderSuiteWe’re really excited for Nathan Beckord of FounderSuite this week. They’re really close to their release. FounderSuite is startup management software that (as they put it) makes “startup life suck less” while making those who are founders of other startups more productive in their work. We can’t wait to see the final product!

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