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  • Bootstrap Level
    If you have less than $150,000
    in revenue or funding
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  • Angel Level
    If you have $150,000 - $1.5M in revenue or funding
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  • Series A+ Level
    If you have more than $1.5M in revenue or funding
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  • Angel Level Included Benefits
    Everything included in the Bootstrap Level Membership plus:
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    • 4x
      Quarterly Review Meetings ?
    • $200,000
      $200,000 in Group Discounts
    • 8x
      Funded Founders Dinner
    • $1,000
      $1,000 in RSVP Credits
    • 12x
      Series A Investor Mentoring Sessions
    • $500
      $500 Deal Listing Discount
    The Bottom Line
    “If you’ve acquired a little funding or revenue, our Success Team will accelerate your progress making your first hires, acquiring customers, achieving product-market fit and getting past the Series A Crunch”
    Kevin Holmes, Founder & CEO of Founders Network
    Angel level
    per month, billed annually
    $99.95 billed monthy
    Keep Your Equity
    Full Time Staff
    Over 600 Founders
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    Our Philosophy

    Founders Network grows alongside your startup

    A strong and reliable network is at the core of every successful entrepreneur, but building that network is challenging. Founders Network helps committed entrepreneurs build and maintain their network of founders with ease over the lifetime of their career.

    We keep our Bootstrap Level at a low price that any startup can afford, because every startup founder needs to build their network effectively. We also do not take equity. If you believe in what you’re doing, then you should protect your cap table.

    As your startup grows, your needs evolve, and your network should evolve as well. When you choose a higher Membership Level in Founders Network, you will receive a higher service level and benefits custom designed to assist startup founders at your stage. Our full time staff works to create an efficient and effective networking environment, online and offline.

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    "I would say it’s a very reasonable cost to tap into a worldwide network of entrepreneurs who, as a group, have gone through just about everything you can imagine and have a world of experience they can offer to you."

    - Will Bunker, founder of GrowthX Academy

    Trusted by Great Founders

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I too busy to use a membership?

    No, being part of the FN community is easily integrated into your daily routine. With our intelligent distribution system, we extend the information flowing through our platform to other channels that you are already monitoring, such as slack and email. We support many kinds of engagement, and our busiest members usually end up as some of our best members.

    How does the pricing work?

    Your membership dues are based on the funding or revenue of your current company, or your past experience. All memberships are annual commitments, but monthly payment plans are available. Use the slider at the top of the page to determine the membership status best suited for your needs. Experienced founders find the higher memberships very beneficial.

    Can I upgrade later?

    Upgrades are always available, and each level comes with stronger benefits, and features geared towards founders with more experience.

    Is my activity on FN going to be confidential?

    All information shared within Founders Network is strictly confidential. We are built on a foundation of trust, and the community takes confidentiality seriously. Investors, members, and staff all share experiences and opinions off the record.

    What is involved in the application process?

    We are proud to have a rigorous application and approval process. Applications are collected throughout the month for the next cohort. On the last friday of the month, our Membership Committee, hand selected from the community, gathers to vet the applicants and accept only those of the highest quality. Following their decision, accepted nominees receive a welcome message from Kevin Holmes (Founder & CEO).

    What is your service level agreement?

    The Founders Network staff is full time and promises to respond to emails, phone calls, and messages via the website in under 24 hours, Monday-Friday. All emails sent Sat-Sun will be answered the following Monday.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Annual memberships for Angel Status and Bootstrap Status come with a savings of two months of dues. You can switch from monthly to annual at any time.

    How are you different than an accelerator?

    Founders Network is a community that can work in place of, alongside, or bookending an accelerator. Contrary to an accelerator, we do not take equity (it’s your company), we do not limit your time with us, nor do we tell you what to do. FN strives to facilitate a meaningful and useful network of peer founders who can help you get through any challenge and celebrate every achievement.

    How does Founders Network handle direct competitors in the network?

    We believe collaboration moves startups forward. Founders can share 90% of their general questions and experiences on the forum. The other 10% that includes IP or "secret sauce" can be shared at their Peer Advisory Board. Your local Peer Advisory Board will never contain any direct competitors to your startup.