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When tough problems come up, which they inevitably do, you shouldn’t feel alone at the top of your company, hounded by questions you can’t answer. Every tech founder can accomplish more with advice, perspective, and connections from a strong network of other founders.

Founders Network can lengthen your financial and emotional "runway" and enable you to move faster. Members say FN has opened the door to the concrete answers, high-value contacts, and VC access they were looking for.


Life-long Success Through Peer Mentorship

As a former tech start-up founder, I’ve witnessed firsthand the ups and downs of creating something new. The daily decisions and painstaking slowness of learning by trial and error often brought me to the brink of burnout, but keen insights and moral support from other founders never failed to extend my financial and emotional runway.

I envisioned a confidential space where tech startup founders could help each other avoid the many hidden risks to both start-up success and founder wellbeing. In 2011 this idea became Founders Network. Here, remarkably generous founders share experience daily to solve problems, save time and navigate the journey to success.

Today, over 600 tech founders share our vision of lifelong success through peer mentorship. It’s humbling and inspiring to see our members’ contributions and achievements. As we expand to 25 cities globally, we’ll be looking for more great founders to make their contributions to FN. If you’d like to see if you qualify, please request an invite.

-Cheers, Kevin Holmes, Founder

You’ll learn more in The Founders Network Forum daily than most courses you ever waded through.
Galen Buckwalter
Serial Entrepreneur, Chief Scientist at eHarmony
The Founders Network staff ensures value with thoughtful conversations and warm introductions.
Becky Splitt
Ceo of StudyBlue, 15M users
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What is Founders Network?

Founded in 2011, Founders Network is a curated community of over 600 full-time tech startup founders from around the world. Our founders-only forum, roundtable events, and other high-touch programs facilitate authentic & transparent founder-to-founder sharing, warm introductions and long-term professional relationships.

Your annual or lifetime membership also includes over $500k in startup discounts, access to top-tier VCs, and promotion to our audience of over 35,000 followers. Connect with other members virtually from anywhere, and in person in over 25 global tech hubs.

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Our Community Values


Sharing honestly about the challenges we face enables others to better help.


Sharing our experience and connections creates more value for everyone.


Asking for help is a core competency of successful founders.


Inclusion and diversity create greater perspective and better decisions.

Membership Committee

The Founders Network Membership Committee reviews the cohort applications that are submitted every month. The Membership Committee is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs.
Sonal Puri, Webscale

Sonal Puri

CEO Webscale
Raised $30M

Dr. Galen Buckwalter

Adam Cheyer

Founder of Siri

Solomon Hykes, Docker

Solomon Hykes

Founder of Docker
$240M+ Raised. Millions of Customers

Will Bunker, Match

Will Bunker

Founder of Match.com

Linden Tibbets, IFTTT

Linden Tibbets

Founder IFTTT
$60M Raised. Scaled to 600 Partners

Stacy Stubblefield

Stacy Stubblefield

Founder of TeleSign
Acquired by BICS $230M

Domingo Guerra, Appthority

Domingo Guerra

Founder of Appthority
Acquired by Symantec

Charity Majors

Barbara Montero

Founder of SafetyPay
Acquired by Paysafe $441M

Neha Sampat, ContentStack

Neha Sampat

Founder of ContentStack
Sold Built.io to SoftwareAG

Richard White, UserVoice

Eric Berry

Co-Founder of TripleLift
Acquired by Vista Equity Partners $1.4B

Jason Gardner, Marqeta

Jason Gardner

Founder of Marqeta
IPO on NASDAQ (Ticker: MQ)

Midori Uehara, OODA Health

Midori Uehara

Co-Founder of OODA Health
Acquired by Cedar $425M

Oliver Friedrichs, Pangea

Oliver Friedrichs

Founder of Pangea
$911M total Exits

Samar Birwadker, Good & Co

Felipe Sommer

Founder of Nearpod
Acquired by Renaissance Learning $650M

Matthew Tillman, Haven

Matthew Tillman

Founder of Haven


FN Team Members

Our team organizes high-value events, mediates warm introductions, and builds tools that make it easy to stay connected with your curated community of fellow tech founders.
Kevin Holmes - CEO, Founders Network

Kevin Holmes


Karen McConomy - Finance Manager, Founders Network

Karen McConomy

Finance Manager

Karl Eisenman - Head of Partnerships, Founders Network

Karl Eisenman

Head of Partnerships

Rebecca Addison, Head of Content, Founder's Network

Rebecca Addison

Head of Content

Paul Anda, Events Manager, Founders Network

Paul Anda

Events Manager

Dina Fattom - Member Success Manager, Founders Network

Dina Fattom

Head of Member Success

Geneva Galvez - Member Success Manager, Founders Network

Geneva Galvez

Member Success Manager

Ashley Dillon - Revenue Operations, Founders Network

Ashley Dillon

Revenue Operations

Tara Perillo - FN Fund Operations, Founders Network

Tara Perillo

FN Fund Operations

Dusan Zamahajev - DevOps, Founders Network

Dusan Zamahajev


Usama Haider - Developer, Founders Network

Usama Haider


Karl Eisenman - Partner Account Manager, Founders Network

Faith Crisostomo



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