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Founded in 2011, Founders Network offers lifelong peer mentorship to over 500 tech startup founders. Our platform, programs and high-touch service facilitate authentic experience sharing, warm introductions and long-term professional relationships.

Additional benefits include over $500k in startup discounts and promotion to 2,000 newsletter readers. Members are located in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and other tech hubs. Each month our Membership Committee admits a new cohort of full-time tech founders who are nominated by an existing member. Learn more about our company history.

Why Peer Mentorship?

After 15 years in Silicon Valley, I felt the tech startup ecosystem was missing a much needed service: a peer mentorship organization dedicated to tech founders. In 2011, Founders Network was launched and today over 600 tech founders belong to our problem solving and peer mentorship community. Together we share a vision of lifelong success through peer mentorship, based upon three core beliefs:

  1. No one is better qualified to advise founders than fellow founders,
  2. Multiple perspectives are better than one, and
  3. Relationships are the foundation of success.

We see the entrepreneurial spirit of our members as a driver of progress in society. Our mission is to help them channel that energy more productively and we work hard every day to facilitate their success.

Kevin Holmes, Founder

Our Team

    Founder & CEO
    Director of Operations
    Member Success Manager
    Director of Technology
    Director of Member Success

Membership Committee

The Founders Network Membership Committee reviews the cohort applications that are submitted every month. The Membership Committee is comprised of notable members who are leaders and experts in their field.

  • DOMINGO GUERRA Founder of Appthority
  • GALEN BUCKWALTER Founding CSO of eHarmony
  • COLIN BARCELOUX Founder of BookRenter
  • ARUN AGRAHRI Founder of Airseed
  • DANIEL HOFFER Founder of Couchsurfing
  • SAMAR BIRWADKER Founder of Good.co
  • SOLOMON HYKES Founder of Docker
  • RANAN LACHMAN Founder of Pley
  • BARBARA TIEN Founder of Ponga
  • WILL BUNKER Founder of Match.com
  • ABEL CUSKELLY Founder of Pogoseat

Global Partners

Want to support our mission? Learn about our Corporate Partnerships Program.

Founders Network provides life long peer mentoring from a strong community of tech entrepreneurs

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