Fundraising Mentorship

Navigate your raise with startup fundraising advice from Top Tier VCs and Angels.

Fundraising Program Overview

Are you fundraising for your startup? Regardless of whether it's your first time fundraising or you're a seasoned pro, Founders Network is supported by a community of 50 institutional and corporate venture capital investors who give back by mentoring members on their pitch. Members benefit from world class analysis and feedback from some of the top VC's and angels in tech. Our Investor Mentoring program includes virtual and in-person components that include pitch feedback sessions, one-on-one office hours, investor matching and regular investor updates.

"Understanding how a founder engages with their community gives us some insight as to what they might be as leaders."Scott Coleman, VC @ Ignition Partners

Fundraising Pitch Feedback

Get candid, honest feedback from some of the top VC's and angel investors in the tech startup industry. Our investors share their expertise in an intimate, off-the-record format where you can learn by pitching or listening to your peers pitch. We offer virtual pitch feedback meetings for bootstrapping founders and one-on-one meetings for our Angel and Series A members.

Match With Investors

Let our platform do the investor homework for you by matching you with investors who invest in startups like yours. Filter the directory of our friendly investors by your stage, location and sector to find a short list of investors who you match with. Dig in to each profile for more info and request an introduction to those who you match with. A double opt-in process ensures mutual interest.

Send Investor Updates

Keeping investors up-to-date can take valuable time away from focusing on your business. FN members have access to a structured investor update that sends monthly to our investor community. Simply opt-in, update the fields with key metrics and achievements and hit save. We'll update the investors who invest in startups like yours and make it easy for them to reply so they can offer support or ask for more info.

"We like to meet entrepreneurs very early. This is one of those ways."Nitin Pachisia, Founding Partner @ Unshackled Ventures

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