Founders Network 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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Wear The Future

DEZEN is a new San Francisco-based fashion forward accessories brand for the eco-conscious generation. DEZEN creates colorful, on-trend fashion accessories using circular design principles, helping consumers to look good, feel good, and do good.

Get any Grand Hoop for $75. We can also arrange pick up from our studio and the Holiday FN party for those that don’t want to wait for shipping.


Give the gift of a donation

Founders Show The Love Challenge: Pick your top 5 clients, surprise them with the gift a $100 donation credit on Phin. You know who they are. You pay the donation, they choose the cause.

Exclusive for FN: Phin will design and create a beautiful branded landing page for your company. Your recipients will visit your page and choose a cause they care about. $25 flat rate + face value of the donations.


Joule Case
Power made simple

A stackable, portable, power-platform – Joule Case can provide reliable grid quality power for any unique application and size the power perfectly to the power need. Joule Case powers RV’s, tailgates, trade shows, music festivals, gas stations, medical clinics, off-grid cabins, and house backups.

15% off retail using the special fnMember code on the Forum.


Fitz Frames
3D Printed Eyewear, Made to Measure

Fitz Frames offers 3D printed custom eyewear made just for your face. Using our app, you can do a virtual try-on, select your style, measure your face, and buy glasses, all in under 5 minutes. Rx, non-Rx, Sunglasses, and Blue Light blocking. Made in Youngstown, OH and shipped directly to you. Works for every face in the family, from age three to one hundred. Starting at just $95 for complete glasses.

30% off your first order using the special fnMember code on the Forum.

Fitz Frames Product Mosaic

Shop the world’s tiniest boutiques

KOLLECTIN is the app to shop influencer & designer jewelry

20% off your first order with free shipping using the special fnMember code on the Forum.

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