fnMentoring: Startup Management Advice with Kevin Holmes

Kevin Holmes

fnMentoring helps you accelerate your startup and expand your high tech network through private advising sessions with featured guest experts. Sessions are free to members but require your RSVP. If you are not a member you can apply here.  Next week’s featured guest(s) will be: 

Founder of Founders Network - Kevin Holmes

Kevin Holmes, Founder of Founders Network

Kevin Holmes

Founder and CEO

MBA Entrepreneurship from Santa Clara University.

fnMentoring Hours Focus
Kevin will be available for general startup management advice along with curated access to our member group to help achieve near term milestones.

Kevin created Founders Network to help tech startup founders minimize risk and accelerate progress through peer mentorship.  He has advised hundreds of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs from idea stage through funding through Founder Network and while managing Santa Clara University’s entrepreneurial community as director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). Prior to CIE, he helped launch AllDorm.com, a national media and marketing firm that helped corporate and local brands connect with the college market.  Kevin was named “40 Under 40 in Silicon Valley” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal for his work with startups and promoting entrepreneurship. He has served on the entrepreneurship faculty at Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco and is a mentor for Endeavor.org.

fnMentoring is on Wednesday, 05/09/12 from 10.30 to 11.30am. RSVP here to take part in this open forum session with Kevin.

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