Founder Profile: Alex Bagden, Founder & CEO of Rooster Grin Media

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 Name: Alex Bagden

Alex Bagden, Founder & CEO of Rooster Grin Media

Alex Bagden, Founder & CEO of Rooster Grin Media

Background: Alex Bagden, an avid runner and Tough Mudder, launched Rooster Grin Media in 2011 and has grown the company from a single employee to a full service boutique digital marketing firm. Before taking the entrepreneurial route, Alex worked at private equity firm glendonTodd Capital as an analyst and Excel svengali.

Company: Rooster Grin Media specializes in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting, Health History Forms and Social Media Marketing – We believe in the concept of “under promise and over deliver”. We work to deliver constant and increasing value to our customers on a monthly basis. We instill a philosophy of constant improvement in ourselves so that each month we are out-performing from the previous month.

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