Unlocking B2B Sales Potential with Scalestack’s AI-Powered Solution

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In B2B sales, success hinges on targeted engagement and strategic prioritization. But businesses often grapple with disjointed data and operational inefficiencies. 

That is why Scalestack decided to tackle the problem that many companies have in the very first stage of their sales process, the targeting stage – aka how to properly define who are the companies and people that you are going to bring your message to, engage, and hopefully convert into customers. With an innovative generative-AI-driven platform for sales operations, Scalestack is revolutionizing the way companies harness go-to-market (GTM) data insights to propel their sales productivity and pipeline generation. 

Scalestack Founder and CEO Elio Narciso has successfully co-founded and exited two tech startups with deals valued at over $80 million. His career also includes years designing and launching GTM initiatives for mid to late-stage enterprise tech startups with Amazon AWS.

Let’s take a closer look at Scalestack and how this AI-powered solution is unlocking B2B sales potential.

Unified Insights for Sales Operations

Traditionally, sales teams have contended with the challenge of harmonizing GTM data from various sources. This leads to inaccuracies and missed opportunities in finding, enriching, and properly maintaining the right target list and pipeline by territory and rep. 

 Additionally, the fragmented sales tools and point solutions that currently exist, mostly focus on engaging and converting customers. Meanwhile, targeting and prioritization are left to sales and marketing teams to figure out, often manually. 

Scalestack offers a solution that brings all GTM data together. It generates prioritized pipeline, suggests actions, and helps reps execute sales plays with context. Scalestack’s platform integrates natively with a unified hub encompassing fresh data, CRM functionalities, and sales engagement automation. Businesses can now traverse the entire sales funnel with precision, unlocking a new level of sales productivity and better pipeline.

Scalestack’s Customer Stories

Companies that have broad target markets (e.g. those that sell to developers, marketers, finance, and HR people), are ideally positioned to benefit from Scalestack’s platform, because they need to make sense of a lot of GTM data. Scalestack has been working with MongoDB’s sales ops team for several years now, to make sense of hundreds of thousands of targeted accounts, across dozens of sales territories, and hundreds of sales reps. Scalestack helps MongoDB keep a fully enriched and prioritized account data set, refreshed monthly across key attributes of MongoDB’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), with on-demand updates and, more recently, with AI-driven insights on the data generated to increase SDR’s outreach capabilities.

Another customer, Typeform, is leveraging Scalestack’s platform to make sense of lead and prospect data, at scale. Working closely with Typeform’s Head of Marketing and her team, Scalestack is to enrich, score, prioritize and filter millions of leads, for Typeform’s high-touch, sales-led effort. This will ensure only the most promising leads are worked on by reps, to maximize conversions and closed sales opportunities. Scalestack enrichment platform is leveraging a number of internal and external/third party data sets. It is also deploying its proprietary AI-API for Lead Data Insights. 

A Holistic Approach to Future Sales Dynamics

Scalestack’s impact resonates far beyond its seamless integration. By envisioning a comprehensive, all-in-one platform for GTM teams, Scalestack aspires to define an entirely new product category. This platform isn’t just about targeting; it’s about transforming every stage of the B2B sales process. Starting with targeting, Scalestack is poised to extend its capabilities into pipeline management, task prioritization, and more.

In a landscape where competitors are embracing AI to gain an edge, Scalestack is leading the charge. Recognizing the imminent “arms race” in AI integration, Scalestack empowers businesses to master AI-driven GTM processes and tools. The company’s forward-looking approach positions early adopters to secure a substantial competitive advantage, making Scalestack a pivotal force in the sales tech evolution.

Scalestack is an FN Fund portfolio company. Headquartered in San Francisco, FN Fund is a seed-stage venture capital firm affiliated with Founders Network (FN). To learn more about FN Fund, click here

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