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Allen Tsai, Ekata Systems, TapestryAllen Tsai, Founder and CEO of Ekata Systems, Inc. Tapestry was featured on TNW The Next Web in Tapestry for Android lets you beam curated photo albums to friends and family in real-time. Tapestry is an elegant way to organize and share your photos.

Arjun Dev Arora, ReTargeterArjun Dev Arora, Founder and CEO of ReTargeter. ReTargeter was featured on the San Francisco Business Times in ReTargeter gives clients second chance to seal deal. ReTargeter provides start to finish advertising solutions.

Arjan de Raaf, Totally.MeArjan de Raaf, Founder and CEO of Totally.Me. Totally.Me announced its public launch November 12th and was featured on AndroidSpin in Totally.Me is and US Hispanics in Totally.Me pulls together your Social accounts. Totally.Me pulls together all your social accounts, news, headlines, bookmarks and widgets into one experience!

Charles Armstrong, TourWristCharles Armstrong, Founder and of CEO TourWrist. TourWrist won the DEMO Spring 2012 People’s Choice Award, including a $1 Million IDG Media Prize and multiple other awards for involvement in this year’s Travel Innovation Summit at the PhoCusWright Conference.TourWrist is the leading platform empowering consumers to shoot, discover and share 360-degree panoramic images via smartphones, tablets and computers.

Cheryl Yeoh, Reclip.It Cheryl Yeoh, Founder and CEO of Reclip.It. Reclip.It was picked as #1 by DailyTekk in Top 10 Ways to Shop Smarter. With Reclip.It you can find coupons & deals that matter to you, all in one place.

Chris Klündt, StudyBlue Chris Klündt, Co-Founder and President of StudyBlue. StudyBlue reached the milestone of 2 million users. StudyBlue is your online home to store lecture notes and make flashcards.

Ioannis Verdelis, SyntelliaIoannis Verdelis, Founder and COO of Syntellia. Syntellia was Named CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award Honoree. Fleksy is a revolutionary technology which makes typing text on a touch-screen easy.

Richard White, UserVoiceRichard White, Founder and CEO of UserVoice. UserVoice launched iOS to bring customer support and feedback to iPad and iPhone apps on November 14th. UserVoice was featured on The Next Web in UserVoice releases its SDK on StackMob’s platform, bringing a customer service solution to iOS apps. UserVoice is the solution for complete customer communication.

Szymon Swistun, November SoftwareSzymon Swistun, CTO at Zynga and Co-founder of November Software. November Software has been acquired by Zynga and was featured on TechCruch in Zynga Announces Acquisition Of November Software To Build ‘Mid-Core’ Game Battlestone. November Software focuses on developing console quality 3D games for tablets and web.


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