FN Members in this week's tech startup newsCheck out Founders Network members making tech startup news headlines in this week’s member news roundup.

Nitin Pachisia in this week's FN tech startup news roundupNitin Pachisia announces Unshackled, a new $3.5M early stage fund (via Jordan Crook, TechCrunch). Unshackled is an innovative way of seeding startups by hiring founders on payroll, including those on visas.

Jay DeDapper in this week's FN tech startup news roundupJay DeDapper, Founder of Buzztala announces the general availability of its Organic Video Ad Network (via PRWeb). Buzztala is reinventing paid search for retailers and brands with stackable, searchable, tasty short video product review summaries.

William Santana Li in this week's FN tech startup news roundupWilliam Li announces that Knightscope will have 10 robots deployed by the end of the fiscal year (Mashable). Knightscope is developing technology that will predict and prevent crime utilizing autonomous technology, robotics and predictive analytics.

Jeremy Almond in this week's FN tech startup news roundupJeremy Almond announces that PayStand is partnering with the Santa Cruz Warriors (via PRWeb). PayStand makes it simple for anyone to sell or receive money online – directly on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs or any Website.

Jesse Maddox, Founder of TripLingo in this week's FN tech startup news roundup

Jesse Maddox announces that TripLingo is partnering with Travizon Inc (via PRWeb). TripLingo develops mobile applications that help international travelers translate various languages.

Shannon Ong in this week's FN tech startup news roundupShannon Ong announces the launch of The Catch (via Jessica Nemire, SF Weekly). The Catch is a playful online dating game.


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