Now Hiring: Rafter, UserVoice and inCode

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December now hiring

Seeking employment at a high-growth startup? Founders Network startups are hiring, with opportunities in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and across the U.S. this month!

Rafter_Main_Logo Rafter lowers the cost of education materials for students while helping universities boost revenue. They’re seeking an operations associate to join them at their San Mateo office.

Role Description: The course materials-focused Operations Associate will focus on procuring for a comprehensive course materials management solution. Rafter is seeking a problem solver interested in working in eCommerce with a background in customer service or operations.

UserVoice_logo UserVoice creates a product management platform to help companies listen to their customers, prioritize their product roadmap and improve customer experience. They’re building a marketing team oriented around inbound marketing and focused SEM at their San Francisco Office.

Role Description: The Director of Marketing Operations and Analytics will build a technology stack and analytics engine designed for the marketing and inside sales teams, deslivering the reports and dashboards that support analysis and initiate new projects to replace or improvement existing technology.

inCode is a bInCode_Logo_color_square-twitteroutique strategy and management consulting firm providing business and technology consulting services for leading companies worldwide. inCode’s Strategy & Technology Group specializes in providing a full range of business strategy services to help service providers, infrastructure vendors, private equity firms, and emerging players capitalize on market opportunities. They are currently hiring Managers and Principals in the Business Strategy Group in the Washington D.C. and NY/NJ areas and Managers in Washington D.C., NY/NJ, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta and Toronto.

Role Description: Managers will provide project management in technology and strategy for wireless clients, contribute business consultancy in the pre-sales phase, and lead strategy analyses of target customers. inCode is looking for 10+ years telecommunications and consulting experience, with deep wireless industry skills.

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