Now Hiring: Hiplead, PayStand, ShipHawk!

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Seeking employment at a high-growth startup? Founders Network startups are hiring!

HipleadHiplead, changing the way tech companies market and sell their products to other companies, is hiring a Marketing Analyst in San Francisco, California.

Role Description:  Hiplead is seeking a Marketing Analyst to organize and synthesize business data, and perform quality assurance on existing data sets.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply, click here.

ShipHawkShipHawk, a one-stop shop for instant and accurate shipping rates, seamless shopping cart integration, and delighted customers, is hiring Developers in Santa Barbara, California.

Role Description: At ShipHawk, there is never a lack of interesting and challenging projects to work on. Our company culture fosters a supportive, collaborative, and outgoing team environment. Currently available opportunities include: iOS Developer, Senior Front End Developer, VP of Engineering, and more.

To read more about these open positions and to see how to apply, click here.

PayStandPayStandan online gateway and checkout system that turns the payments industry on its head through a revolutionary “Payments as a Service” model, is hiring Engineers in Scotts Valley, CA.

Role Description: PayStand is revolutionizing the world of online payments & digital commerce and we want you to join us. Currently available opportunities include: Full Stack Engineer, Software Architect, QA Automation Engineer — and more.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

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