News For Week of March 31: Ioannis Verdelis of Fleksy Announced the Release of The Big Version 2.0 Update on Android

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Ioannis Verdelis, SyntelliaIoannis Verdelis, Founder of Fleksy released the big version 2.0 Update on Android. Fleksy is a revolutionary keyboard technology for touch-screens.



Solomon_Hykes-2 (1)Solomon Hykes‘ startup Docker announced they are rocketing towards the all-time speed record for shortening the path between innovation and adoption. Docker is an open source project that automates the deployment of applications inside software containers.


Micah Baldwin, GraphiclyMicah Baldwin, Founder of Graphicly discussed how he started Twitter’s #FFGraphicly provides authors and publishers the simplest and most cost-effective access to digital content conversion and distribution, across every marketplace imaginable, with comprehensive actionable insights on reader behavior.


full on social mediaAnthony Owen‘s startup Manalto made The Huffington Post’s 5 premium social tools to grow your businessManalto is a provider of innovative Social ERP software solutions and Premium services, including strategic social media, digital landing pages and social media marketing services.


KoldoGarciaKoldo Garcia‘s startup Madpixel launched Second Canvas Prado Museum AppMadpixel is a Spanish company created in 1999 that focuses on Innovative Internet Solutions.



Rakesh Tondon, CEO of LE TOTERakesh Tondon, Founder of LE TOTE discussed how Data helped him stock up for the fall fashion season. LE TOTE is a women’s online fashion rental service offering access to unlimited boutique style apparel and accessories for everyday wear.


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