Weekly Recap: Fleksy Keyboard Beta Announced


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Ioannis Verdelis, SyntelliaIoannis Verdelis announced that the Fleksy Keyboard beta was updated with new languages (via Alex Dobie, AandroidCentral). Fleksy is a revolutionary keyboard technology for touch-screens.


Ranan Lachman, Founder of Lego BoxRanan Lachman, Founder of Pley announced they now rent more than 250 different kinds of Lego sets for $15, $25 or $39 a month (including shipping) (via Neil Parmar, Entrepreneur). Pley is building the next generation of play.


alex wolfAlex Wolf‘s startup na2ure made Forbes list of top 10 toys that beat the summer slide (via Jenn Choi, Forbes). na2ure is a unique transmedia brand designing nature games, toys, and apps.


tyler dikmanTyler Dikman, Founder of Loungebuddy weighed in on airport clubs that are worth the money (via Mitch Lipka, Yahoo Finance). LoungeBuddy unlocks the mystery of airport lounges.


Nathan Beckord, Co-Founder and CEO of FounderSuiteNathan Beckord was featured in the Huffington Post discussing why he started Foundersuite (via Bill Robinson, Huffington Post). Foundersuite streamlines tasks such as ideation & validation, operations, fundraising and investor relations so that founders can focus more time on building great products.


trustleafAnson Liang‘s startup TrustLeaf was featured in Small Business Trends for simplifying the method by which entrepreneurs can approach family and friends for loans (via Shawn Hessinger, Small Business Trends). TrustLeaf helps small businesses raise money from friends and family.


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