News For Week of February 24: Marcus Nelson’s Startup Addvocate Received #1 Spot On Forbes: The 10 Best Startup Websites

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Marcus Nelson of AddvocateMarcus Nelson‘s Startup Addvocate received #1 spot on Forbes: The 10 Best Startup Websites. Addvocate provides the technology, the expertise and the guidance to help businesses magnify employees’ social voices to increase sales, inform customers, and enhance the reputation of their brand, their company and their products.


Mat Ellis, Founder and CEO of CloudabilityMat Ellis‘ startup Cloudability was named one of the best young companies to work for by The Business Wire. Cloudability provides comprehensive tools that measure cloud infrastructure costs and usage throughout an organization.


full on social mediaAnthony Owen‘s startup Manalto launched a new social media ERP system that offers a comprehensive solution to enterprise social media management. Manalto is a provider of innovative Social ERP software solutions and Premium services, including strategic social media, digital landing pages and social media marketing services.


Ioannis Verdelis, SyntelliaIoannis Verdelis‘ startup Fleksy released an Android Update and introduced emojis and personalization service. Fleksy is the first software keyboard to allow blind typing on a smartphone; it is the first to be demonstrated on a 3D gesture system (Leap Motion); and the first to be demonstrated on a smartwatch.


Mark McGuireMark McGuire‘s startup Nextt announced a new “self-destruct” feature that adds some often-needed urgency to social plans that can’t quite seem to get off the ground. Nextt is a private network for close friends to connect so they can do more together.


AbelCuskellyAbel Cuskelly,  Zach Cuskelly and Evan Owens, Founders of Pogoseat, announced their new partnership with Paragon Marketing Group to help expand presence with sports and entertainment properties. Pogoseat is an enterprise ticketing solution that gives fans an app to upgrade their seat & purchase unique experiences during a live event.


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