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AbelCuskellyAbel Cuskelly, Zach Cuskelly, and Evan Owens, Founders Pogoseat announced they raised $2.3M in seed funding from a wide range of investors (via Ryan Lawler, TechCrunch). Pogoseat is an enterprise ticketing solution that gives fans an app to upgrade their seat and purchase unique experiences during a live event.


trent telfordTrent Telford, Founder of Cocoon Data Holdings Limited announced their subsidiary company Covata will go public on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) (via Leon Spence, ZDNet). Cocoon Data Holdings Limited develops high grade data security software for encryption, access control and audit of files across the internet.


Lisa BissermanLisa Besserman, Founder of Startup Buenos Aires was named the 2014 Business Innovator of Latin America (via Americas Quarterly). Startup Buenos Aires is a community whose objective is to inspire, promote and support startups and entrepreneurship in Buenos Aires.


Cynthia Schames,Cynthia Schames and Lex Mustafin, Founders of Abbey Post made TechCrunch’s list of their nine favorite companies from The 500 Startups Demo Day (via Kyle Russell, TechCrunch). Abbey Post allows women to buy clothes made at their custom measurements at retail prices.


Sean GraberSean Graber, Founder of Virtuali announced they hosted their first Go! cohort in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Virtuali‘s Go! Program enables companies to send employees abroad, where they work remotely and participate in a custom learning curriculum.


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