News For Week of October 28: Arjun Dev Arora’s startup ReTargeter has been added to influenceHR’s roster of industry marketing leaders

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Arjun Dev Arora, RetargeterArjun Dev Arora‘s startup ReTargeter has been added to influenceHR’s roster of industry marketing leaders. ReTargeter  is a full-service display advertising solution specializing in retargeting and audience targeting.


Richard White, Co-founder and the CEO of UserVoiceRichard White‘s startup UserVoice releases Android SDK for its In-App Customer Service. UserVoice creates simple customer engagement tools that help companies understand and interact with their customers more positively and build customer.


Micah Baldwin, GraphiclyMicah Baldwin of Graphicly was a featured judge at Tech Cocktail Celebrate. Graphicly provides authors and publishers the simplest and most cost-effective access to digital content conversion and distribution, across every marketplace imaginable, with comprehensive actionable insights on reader behavior.


Domingo GuerraDomingo Guerra‘s startup Appthority was featured in MobileIron. Appthority is a cloud-based Platform(TM) automatically identifies and grades risky behavior in mobile apps including known and unknown malware, new malware used in targeted attacks, corporate data exfiltration, and intellectual property exposure.

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of InternMatchNathan Parcells and Andrew MaGuire’s startup InternMatch was featured in TLNT. InternMatch students discover amazing internship opportunities they would have never otherwise considered.


Samar BirwadkerSamar Birwadker‘s startup was featured in TIME Magazine. is fixing hiring with smart, user-driven culture analytics.



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