News for Week of June 10: Marc Hoag Announces the Launch of Venturocket

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Marc Hoag, Vunturocket1. Marc Hoag announced the launch of Venturocket. Venturocket is a marketplace where job seekers bid on their skills to compete for job opportunities and employers cherry-pick the.

Ty Walrod, Bright Funds2. Ty Walrod of Brightfunds announced the launch the employee giving program. Brightfunds is the trusted place for nonprofit giving to the most effective charities in the world.

Krammes3. Josh Krammes and Andy Mui announced the acquisition of Softlayer by IBM. Softlayer provides on-demand IT infrastructure, dedicated servers and cloud resources.

Mihir Naware 4. Mihir Naware of PhiSix Fashion Labs was featured in RightStartups. PhiSix Fashion Labs is a Bay Area company focused on developing 3-D visualization and simulation technologies to drive the growth of the online apparel retail industry.

Mike Moran, Co-Founder of Graphdat5. Michael Moran of Graphdat announced the launch of the new feature Smart AlarmsGraphdat is the only tool for node.js that lets you see where your application is slow, and how to make it faster.

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