News for the Week of April 15: Geremie Camara Launches JamTok App in iTunes

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Geremie Camara, Co-Founder of TicTokLabs, Inc.We want to wish a huge contratulations to Geremie Camara of JamTok for launching their app in iTunes. JamTok is a fun, new language learning app that combines the love of games with the love of music to easily teach languages. Currently, the focus is on Japanese, although they’re hoping to be adding some brand new languages in the future.

Michael MeinhardtCongrats to Michael Meinhardt of Cloudwords on launching Drupal Integration. We’re eagerly awaiting a webinar from Cloudwords on April 17th at 10am. The webinar will offer an overview of the Cloudwords Drupal Integration, which is said to improve translated content between Drupal and Cloudwords. Website errors can be drastically reduced when using Drupal for translation, leaving an easily animated translation process through Cloudwords’ Cloud-based technology.

Randy Cox, Founder and CEO of Pricing HealthcareCongratulations to Randy Cox of Pricing Healthcare for launching their IndieGoGo campaign! Pricing Healthcare is working hard to take the mystery out of healthcare costs. Their goal is to help patients by shedding some light on the actual costs of medical care, while at the same time, letting those people know if more affordable, comparable services are available nearby. Patients can easily keep track of their bills and are given access to information that isn’t available anywhere else online.

James Tamplin, Founder FirebaseIt was an exciting week for James Tamplin of Firebase. They launched Firepad, which is a shareable database comparable to Google Docs. Firepad is an innovative way for developers to add text editing and document collaboration to their own apps. Firebase is proving to be more and more valuable to app developers every single day. It’s a revolutionary solution to app-building using a Cloud storage solution while ensuring quick delivery and real-time changes that are designed to keep users engaged.

Chad JacksonFinally, we’re excited to announce that Chad Jackson of Sendicate was recognized as an official honoree at The 17th Annual Webby Awards for Web Services and Applications. Sendicate is an email marketing app that’s changing the way small businesses approach email. Sendicate believes that a great design should be a high priority for any email marketing campaign, and they’re dedicated to providing their customers with the absolute best in customized email platforms.

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