Founder Profile: Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, founder of IDK Makes Life Simple

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Founder Profile

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Founder of IDK Makes Life Simple

Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, Founder and CEO of IDK Makes Life Simple

Gabriel Bestard-Ribas

Member Cohort:
March 2012

San Francisco, Ca.

IESE Business School
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
La Caixa

Prior Experience:

  • Extensive vendor/customer relationship management experience
  • Knowledge in financial/contract negotiations
  • Supply chain management experience
  • Management experience in launching new products and leading new ventures

Current Startup:
IDK Makes Life Simple: an Electronic Consumer Goods company that allows end consumer manage accessibility to their everyday activities.

To help people simplify their everyday life by using their mobile telephone as their keys.


  • Celebrated one year, self-funded
  • Hired team and opened office in San Francisco, CA
  • Secured lock manufacturers
Current Focus:
  • Preparing for August launch date
  • Fundraising
  • Product development
  • Bringing B2B product that exists to consumer

Lessons Learned:
“As an early developing startup, I’m tapping into the advice of friends who have already started companies. I’m following their advice so I don’t make some of the same mistakes, but I know I will find out more as time progresses.”

Staying Motivated:
“Founding a company is a tour de force in terms of faith. The more faith you have, the easier and more enjoyable the ride will be. The enjoyment you gain from launching a startup has to do with how you perceive the situation. It especially won’t work if you are super smart, proof driven, and only move when you see the ground in front of you. Instead, have your benchmark and make your moves even when you don’t see the ground you’re stepping on.”

Biggest Mentor:
“I don’t have a single person, and though I could say Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, I admire a lot of things from a lot of people. I try to learn from everyone I meet.”


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