Knightscope, hiplead, PerkHub: Now Hiring!

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knightscope1Knightscopewhich is developing technology to predict and prevent crime utilizing autonomous robots, predictive analytics, and social engagement, is hiringAlgorithm Engineer in Silicon Valley, California.

Role Description:  Lead in the gathering and analysis of 100+ existing large data sets from government and business sources for use in developing a unique prediction algorithm.

To read more about this open position, and to see how to apply click here.

hipleadHiplead, which drives sales and fills up your inboxes with leads, is hiringMarketing Data Analyst in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: Hiplead is looking for an entry-level research analyst to join their fast-growing team. Their marketing analyst program is designed to fully immerse you in the world of business-to-business marketing and sales. You will work closely with their marketing team to solve problems related to data collection, organization and analysis. In order to accurately understand the relationship between businesses, Hiplead relies heavily on both algorithmic data analysis and highly curated research. Candidates can expect, if selected, to perform the following tasks: organizing information into spreadsheets and performing quality assurance audits on existing data sets.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

perkhubPerkHuban enterprise SaaS company that powers perks and group buying programs for some of the world’s leading companies, is hiring an Inside Sales Intern in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: Source and close relationships with vendors who will use PerkHub’s platform to acquire new customers and generate revenue. Learn about how to identify and source leads and how to manage a sales pipeline. You will also learn about practices in terms of sales processes and tools, and the startup lifecycle and related key metrics.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

uservoiceUserVoice, which integrates easy-to-use feedback, helpdesk, and knowledge base management tools in one platform to empower customer support, is hiring an Inbound & Content Marketing Manager in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: Work with executives and company stakeholders to drive the content calendar and keep a close pulse on industry and influencer news so that it can be repurposed for their audience. In addition to writing, editing and publishing multiple content pieces each week, you will oversee their social media publishing and message to ensure consistent voice, and effective communication. You will work closely with operations to measure and quantify your impact.

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