Check out Founders Network members making tech startup news headlines in this month’s member news roundup:

tyTy Walrod‘s startup Bright Funds raises $1.75M in funding (via Bright Funds is the next generation platform for individual and workplace giving, empowering everyday donors to become strategic philanthropists.



taylor umphreysTaylor Umphreys‘ startup Zuli receives a strategic investment from Research Frontiers (via Yahoo! Finance). Zuli is creating a home that adapts around you and makes your life more efficient, comfortable and convenient by eliminating the need for manual control.



Richard White, Co-founder and the CEO of UserVoiceRichard White‘s startup UserVoice announces the launch of UserVoice 3.0 (via Yahoo! Finance). UserVoice creates simple customer engagement tools that help companies understand and interact with their customers more positively and build customer relationships that last.



orenOren Boiman‘s startup Magisto releases Nielsen custom survey findings that over 2/3 of smartphone photos and videos are never shared, and Magisto has the solution (via PRNewswire). Magisto is a fun and easy way to share your experiences through video.



Chad ArimuraChad Arimura‘s startup announces it is accepting beta participants for its new Project Thor (via Yahoo! Finance). is a cloud infrastructure services provider and is the maker of IronMQ, an industrial-strength message queue, and IronWorker, a highly scalable task processing/worker platform.



Alexandra greenhillAlexandra Greenhill, Founder of myBestHelper, is one of three finalists for North America in the Global Entrepreneurship Competition, Cartier Women’s Initiative (via myBestHelper is an essential digital utility that gives families a easy way to access and use all options of care that they need.


Jason Demant, Founder of Bento, is a participant on CNBC’s Power Pitch (via Bento believe that you should not have to choose between eating healthy and conveniently. Bento delivers delicious Asian food in minutes in San Francisco.



holly cardewHolly Cardew, Founder of Pixc is accepted into 500 Startups’ 13th accelerator batch (via Pixc provides on-demand product image editing.




Kourosh ParsapourKourosh ParsapourVictor Gajendran, Co-Founders of personalRN pitch at Startup Next LA Spring 2015 cohort demo day. personalRN‘s mHealth apps deliver engaging disease-specific inpatient education with personalized content that is relevant to patients & caregivers for better health literacy & outcomes.



Congratulations to everyone on a stellar month of success! Founders Network members, if you have news to share with the community, get in touch with us here!

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