It’s UserVoice’s 4th birthday, but we’re giving the gifts!

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This time last year I was talking about UserVoice getting it’s swagger back and laying the foundation for the future. I was also sitting on a big secret. That secret was unveiled a mere week later when we launched UserVoice Helpdesk, our lovable and beautiful helpdesk product that made answering customer service tickets fun and knowledgebase articles useful.

To celebrate the year we’ve had (and because I was told that posting infographics doubles your company’s valuation) we’ve included a birthday card below with a cornucopia of info about our journey to date.

But while birthdays are a time for reflection, they’re more importantly a time to party! And what’s a party without presents? Starting today you can get our fabulously simple & user friendly Helpdesk or Full Service products for FREE (on our Basic plan)Go get ’em! And because we love our old friends as just as much as our new ones, anyone currently on our Basic plans will be moved to Free on March 1st. The cake may be a lie, but this present certainly isn’t.

UserVoice Fourth Birthday Card
(Click Image to Enlarge)

Thanks, in no small part, to the success of Helpdesk, 2011 will be remembered as our year of doubling:

  • We doubled the number of products adding Helpdesk to the already awesome Feedback (which we then packaged together as UserVoice Full Service).
  • We doubled the number of UserVoicers from 10 to 20 beautifully quirky (but largely non-athletic)people.
  • We doubled the number of offices: expanding operations to my home town of Raleigh, North Carolina (Hi mom!).
  • We doubled the number, and amount, of outside funding with our Series B round of $1MM.

In all seriousness, it’s been a great year. I’d like to thank all of our customers for enabling us to achieve so much, our investors for their backing which is propelling us forward at even greater speeds and most importantly my team for putting up with me & for excelling under pressure. Corporations are not people but they are full of them. And in our case they make the whole thing worth doing. Thank you guys (and girls) so very much.

Pop pop!

-Richard White
CEO, UserVoice

This post is a repost from the UserVoice blog.


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