Introducing the October ’13 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders

We are proud to introduce our October ’13 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders. Arranged Alphabetically by first name.

alex wolfAlex Wolf, Founder and CEO of 2nd Nature Toys. 2nd Nature Toys is a unique trans-media brand designing nature games, toys, and apps. Alex is based in New York, New York.



Andrew Fogg, Founder of‘s mission is to structure the web and make web data available to everyone. Andrew is based in London England.



Antanas MatutisAntanas Matutis, Founder of UAB 3D Technologijos. UAB 3D Technologijos creates and manages innovative websites to fill global search demand in popular niche search queries. Antanas is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.


daniel hulmeDaniel Hulme, Founder and CEO of Satalia. Satalia provides ‘Optimisation-as-a-Service’ through its SoveEngine; leveraging cutting-edge algorithms, machine leaning and the cloud. He is the winner of the UK University Cipher Challenge. Daniel is based in Camden, London.


Garick HismatullinGarick Hismatullin, Founder and CEO of Telecure. Telecure is a virtual medical clinic. He is a graduate of the Founders Institute. Garick is based in San Jose, California.



Heidi AllstopHeidi Allstop, Co-Founder and CMO of MyCuteFriend. MyCuteFriend is an invite-only dating community, where all men come recommended by women who trust them. She is a TechStar Alum. Heidi is based in San Francisco, California.


Key logoKulmeet Singh, Founder of Twistle. Twistle is novel and secure messaging for enterprises, optimized for teams, and for client/patient engagement. Kulmeet is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


lex mustafinLex Mustafin, Co-Founder and CTO of AbbeyPost. AbbeyPost helps Plus Size fashion lovers discover indie designers, boutiques & brands, and the Perfect Fit every time. Lex is based in Ridgewood, New York.


luke bayleyLuke Bayley, Founder of MiBitz Pty Ltd. MiBitz Pty Ltd creates responsive design landing pages across all businesses with video (like a business version YouTube). Luke is based in Thirroul, New South Wales.


marc iraMarc Ira, Co-Founder of TalinoEV. TalinoEV makes electric motorcycles as cheap as gasoline motorcycles. Marc is based in Stamford, Connecticut.



steve smithSteve Smith, Co-Founder of Fan Labz, Inc. Fan Labz, Inc. is a mobile contest platform designed for sports teams. Steve is based in Moraga, California.



Tate HoweTate Howe, Founder of Scenes. Scenes is in stealth mode. Tate is based in Aptos, California.



trent telfordTrent Telford, Founder of Cocoon Data Holdings Limited. Cocoon Data Holdings Limited develops high grade data security software for encryption, access control and audit of files across the internet. Trent is based in Venice, California.



Vincent CassarVincent Cassar, Founder and CEO of is the smarter way for startups and small businesses to manage support. Vincent is based in Geneva, Switzerland.


william santana liWilliam Santana Li, Founder and CEO of Knightscope. Knightscope is developing technology that will predict and prevent crime utilizing autonomous technology, robotics and predictive analytics. William is based in San Jose, California.


With the addition of the October Cohort, Founders Network is now more than 470 members strong! We are excited about the deep and diverse experience sets and perspectives each new member brings to our peer mentorship community of tech startup founders. Together we are taking management and personal risk off the table and ensuring mutual success. Stay tuned to the fnBlog for startup updates, tips and lessons learned from each of our new members. To learn more about Founders Network click here.



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