Introducing the November ’12 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders

November 2012 Cohort


We are proud to introduce our November ’12 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders. Arranged Alphabetically.

viagra canadae=”Hisham Anwar” src=”” alt=”Hisham Anwar, ” width=”150″ height=”150″ />1. Hisham Anwar, Co-Founder and CTO of BrightBytes. BrightBytes delivers tools and services that measure the impact of technology use on learning. BrightBytes is based in Millbrae, California.

Cody Caughlan2. Cody Caughlan, Co-Founder of Vinosmith. Vinosmith is web and mobile-based software for managing all of your sales information, integrating the sales, and administration of your organization. Vinosmith is based in San Francisco, CA.

Stacy Chapman3. Stacy Chapman, Co-founder of Swoop. Swoop helps employers leverage social networks to find, engage, and hire the best talent. Swoop is based out of San Francisco, CA.

Bryan Cupps4. Bryan Cupps. Brian’s startup is in stealth, it will focus on enterprise mobile security, data chain of custody tracking and a user policy based productivity suite that resides inside of a Content Storage Unit (CSU) or “Super Sandbox”. Brain is based in Aptos, California.

Pramod Dabir5. Pramod Dabir, Founder & CEO at Boutine, Inc. Boutine allows women to make money sharing and selling emerging designer fashion. Boutine is based in San Francisco, CA.

Nick Fassler6. Nick Fassler, Founder and CEO of Thrively. Thrively makes it extremely simple to give or request feedback from anyone with an email address (aka GetSatisfaction for individuals). Thrively is based out of San Francisco, CA.

Roxanne Gibert7. Roxanne Gibert, CEO of Spyra. Spyra is a mobile gaming studio that creates social strategy games for mobile devices; iPhone, iPad, and Android. Spyra is based out of San Francisco, CA.

David Hecht8. David Hecht, Founder of AppFrontier. AppFrontier provides Salesforce implementation, analytics, and apps to optimize your inbound sales and marketing. AppFrontier is based out of San Francisco, CA.

Aaron Hinde9. Aaron Hinde, COO of LifeAID Beverage Co. LifeAID Beverage Co manufactures healthy, effective and tasty avocation specific drinks w/ high targeted supplement counts. LifeAID Beverage Co is based in Santa Cruz, CA.

Natasa Lekic10. Natasa Lekic, Founder of Zoomoh. Zoomoh expands children’s creativity by giving them a magical dimension to storytelling. They draw, narrate a story, and zoom into their story to create a miniature drawing within. Zoomoh is based in New York, NY.

Richard Mandeberg11. Richard Mandeberg, Founder and CEO of GroundCntrl. GroundCntrl is a task management platform for the mobile workforce. GroundCntrl is based in Los Altos, CA.

12. Orion Melehan, President and CEO of LifeAID Beverage Co. LifeAID Beverage Co manufactures healthy, effective and tasty avocation specific drinks w/ high targeted supplement counts. LifeAID Beverage Co is based in Santa Cruz, CA.

13. Nathan Nahouraii, of KeepInTouch. KeepInTouch is a personal relationship manager. KeepInTouch is based in Cupertino, CA.

Vamsee Nalamothu14. Vamsee Nalamothu, Co-founder and CEO of TidePool. TidePool productizes revolutionary science to help people better understand themselves and their co-workers. TidePool is based in Los Gatos, CA.

Devang Patel15. Devang Patel, Founder and CEO at Simplr. Simplr develops applications to improve your productivity on social networks. Simplr is based in Freemont, CA.

Alfredo Rivela16. Alfredo Rivela, CEO and Founder of Nomaders helps travelers to discover and experience their destinations feeling like a local. Nomaders is based in Menlo Park, CA.

Tejal Shaw17. Tejal Shah, Founder of KidAdmit, Inc. KidAdmit is an easy and efficient way to apply to multiple preschools online and helps you manage the preschool admission process by keeping you on top of important admission dates and deadlines. KidAdmit is based out of San Francisco, CA.

Michael Small18. Michael Small, Founder of INTRO Labs. INTRO Labs helps grow your business network by making the right introductions for you. INTRO Labs is based in San Francisco, CA.

Theodore Summe19. Theodore Summe, Founder/CEO at lets you see your entire social graph to discover when someone you’re connected to can help you, turning the “time waste” of social media into a “time save”. is based in San Francisco, CA.

Jeff Tchang20. Jeff Tchang, Co-Founder at Dishcrawl. Dishcrawl let’s you explore 4 restaurants in 1 night. Dishcrawls are guided, walkable tours of your city. Dishcrawl is based in San Francisco, CA.

Allen Tsai21. Allen Tsai, Founder and CEO of Ekata Systems, Inc. Ekata Systems builds applications that make “social” more personal and engaging. Ekata Systems first product is Tapestry, a synchronized photo show-and-tell app that allows you to share your photographic memories with friends/family “close” to you, in real time. Ekata Systems is based out of Sunnyvale, CA.

With the addition of the November Cohort, Founders Network is now more than 237 members strong! We are excited about the deep and diverse experience sets and perspectives each new member brings to our peer mentorship community of tech startup founders. Together we are taking management and personal risk off the table and ensuring mutual success. Stay tuned to the fnBlog for startup updates, tips and lessons learned from each of our new members.

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