Introducing the May 12′ Cohort of Tech Startup Founders

May Cohort 2012

We are proud to introduce our May ’12 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders. Pictured from left they are:

  1. Ravi Mittal, founder/CEO of Vuukle based in Menlo Park, CA helps auto-moderate your website comments for the highest quality and best performance, giving you a better chance to be seen. Prior experience includes being an analyst for Goldman Sachs, founding sharing portal Blobin and free opinion magazine Splatt. Ravi holds a Masters in Informations Systems Engineering from the Imperial College London.
  2. Steven Benjamin, founder of Mapified based in Scottsdale, AZ a marketplace to help people participate in a safe, spam-free, local community. Prior experience includes more than 10 years of programming experience for companies like American Express and Incapital.
  3. Brett Kopf, co-founder of remind101 based in San Francisco, CA helps students stay on top of their assignments by sending them a text before they are due. Prior experience includes owner of Social Bonfire a social media consulting company help small and mid sized companies with their social media strategies.
  4. Hendrik van der Meer, co-founder of Vilynx, based in Menlo Park, CA. Vilynx is a startup looking to simplify the way we manage our personal videos. Prior experience includes more than 7 years as a marketing manager for Intel. Director of BD at Giggle Networks acquired by Broadcom. BS in Electrical Engineering University of Texas.
  5. Philippe Honigman, co-founder & CEO of SocialFolders based in San Francisco, CA provides a new way to manage your content on your various social networks. Prior experience includes CEO/founder of ftopia, President of SkyRecon systems Inc. Innovative Management and Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College, MBA from HEC School of Management.
  6. Ameen Saafir, founder & CEO of Interactive Touch based in San Francisco, CA aims to revolutionize the world of children’s media by providing socially-curated age appropriate content. Prior experience includes Senior Process Engineer at Dupont Displays, R&D Engineer at Samsung Electronics, Co-founder/director of PD Getinventory. BS, MS, Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford.
  7. Josh Kalven, founder of Newsbound based in San Francisco, CA is redesigning the way we structure and present ongoing news stories. Prior experience includes Editor/co-founder of Progress Illinois, Deputy editorial director at Media Matter for America.
  8. Piotr Wilam, co-founder & CEO of Innovation Nest based in Krakow, Poland helps startups grow. Prior experience includes being a Business Angel, co-founding Pascal Publisher, – the Yahoo of Poland and SPIN – the school of entrepreneurship. M.Sc., business from London Business School, M.Sc., mathematics from Oxford University.
  9. Tracy Lee, founder & CEO of Dishcrawl based in Cupertino, Ca helps to bring consumers and restaurants together online and offline. Prior experience includes founding Scrappy Startup a casual forum for entrepreneurs, founding Reborn Luxury, Sales at Brocade. BS, Business, Marketing from San Jose State.
  10. Ignacio Andreu, co-founder of Masterbranch based in San Francisco, CA helps developers and employers find great developers. Prior experience includes co-founding Debugmodeon, Creating applications for the Spanish government, Google SOC at Google, Software Engineer at Intrasoft International.

With the addition of the May Cohort, Founders Network is now more than 140 members strong! We are excited about the deep and diverse experience sets and perspectives each new member brings to our peer mentorship community of tech startup founders. Together we are taking management and personal risk off the table and ensuring mutual success.  Stay tuned to the fnBlog for startup updates, tips and lessons learned from each of our new members.

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