Introducing the January ’16 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders



The exceptional founders who join us for the first month of 2016 represent experience across 20 startups. We welcome as both business and technical founders with a collective $12M in funding raised, 100+ employees hired and 1 recent exit to Buffer. A special thanks to this month’s top nominator, Blake Caldwell, and welcome to our newest founders:


Anthony PostonAnthony Poston, Co-Founder / CEO of Which Winery, Inc.:Which Winery aims to connect wineries and wine lovers all over the world. Their mission is to be the number one search-based site for the wine industry. Anthony was nominated by Kevin Holmes and is based in San Francisco.



Ashita AchuthanAshita Achuthan, Founder of Tonga. She has a strong background in mobile consumer products as a product leader at companies like Amazon, EBay, TeleNav and Joyus.  Ashita was nominated by Daniel Uribe and is based in Silicon Valley.




Carlo CiaramellettiCarlo Ciaramelletti, Co-Founder of SAPHIBEAT Technologies Inc.: Creating a satellite linked health monitor that attaches to your extreme sports helmet and alerts others when you have an accident. Carlo was nominated by Roberto Scaccia and is based in San Francisco.




Cary BreeseCary Breese, CEO & Co-Founder of NowRx: Same day delivery of prescriptions for free, or $5 for one-hour delivery. Currently in Mountain View, CA and the surrounding area. Cary was nominated by Blake Caldwell and is based in Silicon Valley.




John CioeJohn Cioe, Founder of INOV8 Golf, Inc.: an app publisher that will launch a mobile, social, virtual golf gaming app in early 2016. John was nominated by Sameer Gupta and is based in Phoenix.




Lindon GaoLindon Gao, CEO of Sbot Technologies Inc.: a retail technology company that is evolving a user-initiated payment landscape by allowing self-service checkout via phones. Lindon was nominated by Jonathan Kong and is based in Los Angeles.




Ravi SahuRavi Sahu, Cofounder & CEO of VayuX: helping customers hire drone pilots for on demand aerial data. Ravi was nominated by Nagesh Pobbathi and is based in Silicon Valley.




Tim HainesTim Haines, Founder of Favstar, Inc.: allowing you to see what you and your friends have been retweeting and favoriting. Tim was nominated by Jelle van Geuns and is based in Silicon Valley.




Weili GengWeili Geng, Co-Founder of AHHHA: An idea marketplace that turns ideas into profit. Weili was nominated by Matt Crowe and is based in San Francisco.




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