Founder Profile: Noman Ahmad, Founder/CEO of SportsLab

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Noman Ahmad, Founder/CEO of SportsLab Inc.

Name: Noman Ahmad

Location: San Francisco, CA

Current Startup: SportsLab

Bio: Noman grew up in Oklahoma with football in his veins. He has the vision to create a company that combines his passion for football and technology.

Education: BS, Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State University

Lessons Learned: There are tons of lessons to be learned as a startup founder. My advice is to jump right in. Surround yourself with as many A+ entrepreneurs as you can (like the founders network). There is no experience like just doing it. Every startup is unique and has its own story. You have to write it. They are going to be challenges that you will face but the experience you gain is invaluable. Having a sounding board is important so you can get strong advice but it’s still up to you on how to go.

I also think you should find a developer or technology person who believes in you and do everything that you can to keep them motivated and aligned with your vision.

Greatest Mentors: My best friend Omar Ahmad is my mentor and inspiration. Not only was he a successful entrepreneur and leader, but he was also very involved in the community and socially connected. Omar was the Mayor of San Carlos. Because of him I have pursued my passion. He was a great mentor and inspiration and I really hope to carry his legacy and memory forward.

Staying Motivated: As a startup founder and new entrepreneur I have learned that you really need to have a strong vision and passion to build a company. Your vision will help you to success and keep you motivated during down cycles and difficulties.

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