Founder Profile: Mike Galarza, Founder/CEO of Entryless

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Mike Galarza, Founder/CEO of Entryless

Name: Mike Galarza
Current Startup: Entryless
Education: BS, Business Administration UVM
Bio: Mike started his career in Mexico as an Export Manager for Real de Magueyes. Mike also served as the Accounting Manager at Kimomex, Inc. and Country Finance Manager at Peninsula Components before founding Orbiion in 2011.

Advice from Lessons Learned:

  • Keep you eyes open to opportunities and possible failures so that you can quickly change course and take actions for your company.
  • Be humble enough to recognize that you have made a bad decision and fix it. Accepting that your initial idea isn’t always the best solution is hard, but necessary for growth.
  • You have to know how to manage yourself to stay motivated.Try thinking about your goals and why you want to be an entrepreneur. When you analyze that answer you should have motivation.

Staying Motivated:
Staying motivated is one of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur for me. I think about it like this: you are running a race against yourself and the only way you will get to your goal is if you keep on moving forward.

Greatest Mentors:
I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs. My fellow entrepreneurs are my peer group and are going through many of the same things that I am. I think that we are able to help each other with advice and the inside scoop on startup issues like finding fundraising.

Want to learn more about @entryless? Follow their blog or connect with Mike on Twitter @VikingFreit

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