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pleyPley which bridges the gap by letting you rent LEGO sets for a monthly subscription fee is hiring a UI/UX Designer in San Jose, California.

Role Description: They are looking for a motivated and multifaceted designer who enjoys working in a collaborative environment to create incredible user experiences that delight their customers. You will use your full range of interaction design and visual design skills to design new Pley features, refining existing interfaces and working with a cross-functional team on a variety of products to take Pley to the next level.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply email mydreamjob@pley.com.

hipleadhiplead which drives sales and fill up your inboxes with leads is hiring an Entry Level Marketing Analyst in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: They’re looking for a entry-level research analyst to join their fast-growing team. Hiplead is changing the way tech companies market and sell their products to other companies. The Hiplead marketing analyst program is designed to fully immerse you in the world of business-to-business marketing and sales. You will work closely with their marketing team to solve problems related to data collection, organization and analysis. In order to accurately understand the relationship between businesses, Hiplead relies heavily on both algorithmic data analysis and highly curated research. Candidates can expect, if selected, to perform the following tasks: organizing information into spreadsheets and performing quality assurance audits on existing data sets.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

critical watchCritical Watch which has been providing enterprise vulnerability management since 2000 is hiring a part time Security Researcher in Dallas, Texas.

Role Description: The candidate’s primary responsibility will be to take technical data related to internet and software security and convert it into a format suitable for consumption by an end user. Additionally, the candidate will monitor incoming security advisories and maintain relationship mappings to technical records. The candidate will also participate in other smaller projects that may arise.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

appthorityAppthority which automates app analysis to discover risks and hidden behaviors, enforces behavioral policies & enables a smarter mobile workforce is hiring an Engineer in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: The candidate will design world class static analysis engines and cutting edge algorithms to detect and analyze applications for their behaviors and assess security risks. They will also design and implement advanced dynamic analysis engines, from emulated to on device, which help them detect more behaviors in apps. The candidate can expect to work in an infrastructure composed of highly modular, scalable components which allow their platform to analyze more apps more efficiently.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

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