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dotclouddotcloud, a 2nd-generation platform-as-a-service, and the commercial entity behind Docker.io is hiring a Community Manager in San Francisco, California.
Role Description: Are you passionate about open source and community? Are you excited about Docker? At Docker Inc they’re passionate about thier community of users and developers, and they’re hiring a Community Manager to manage and growth the relationship between Docker Inc and their community. Their Community Manager will represent the company in the Docker community and represent the interests the community of users and contributors back inside our organization.

In this role, you will collaborate with the CTO and the Engineering team to identify, encourage, and publicly recognize community contributors, individually as well as via events. You’ll be involved in generating and sourcing content for the community, events, conferences and the blog. You will monitor the health of the community and be a prominent online presence in that community. You’ll help manage tickets, features and product input from the community. In addition, you will maintain, extend and communicate metrics on community growth and engagement as well as communicate to and solicit feedback from the community.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

pogoseatPogoseatan enterprise solution for sports teams and concert venues that enables their fans to upgrade their seats and purchase unique experiences during events is hiring a Full Stack Engineer in Los Angeles, California.
Role Description: You will work with databases, servers, and systems engineering.  They are looking for the all-singing, all-dancing technical wizard. Someone who is comfortable with doing work outside their normal comfort zone.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

seed&sparkSeed&Sparkan one-stop shop where filmmakers can crowdfund, distribute, and interact with their audience and the broader independent film community is hiring a Lead Engineer in San Francisco, California.
Role Description: They are seeking a lead engineer with sufficient experience to manage both the front- and back-end of our application. You have the flexibility to implement the application in the technologies best suited to the job at hand. Your responsibilities encompass the entire development lifecycle of the application, from planning architecture to sustaining production. You have the opportunity to work independently and build a team as you see fit. Changing the world of filmmaking will require long hours and disruptive thinking.

You must be a passionate developer, excited to tackle a substantial “replatforming” project, experience wearing multiple hats including ops, architect, and project manager. Full-stack thinking for web development and preferred previous work in a lead development position, leading a team successfully.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

tideTidePool which helps you understand how your personality, thinking and mood influence your daily performance is hiringData Engineer in San Francisco, California.
Role Description: As a Data Engineer, you are responsible for building a robust set of operational and business metrics, working with cross-functional teams to design, build, deploy the reporting systems, and utilize metrics to determine improvement opportunities.

As a Data Engineer, you are expected to work on project planning and execution with high level of quality. You should follow the quality framework and create error free, highly available systems.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

iron.ioIron.io, a cloud application services provider, is hiring a Designer in San Francisco, California.
Role Description: You will have heavy influence on the brand and positioning of a platform used by thousands of companies. Skill set illustration, graphics, and UI design.

To learn more about this open position and to learn how to apply email jobs@iron.io.

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