News For Week of Feb 17: Matt Howard of EatStreet Raised $3.7M in New Funding


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matt howardMatt Howard of EatStreet raised $3.7M in new funding from outside investors. EatStreet is a platform that provides over 2000 restaurants nationwide with online food ordering.



josh soltJosh Solt of Spoiler Shield was featured on Bloomberg Television. Spoiler Shield is an app that blocks TV & sports spoilers in your social media feed.



becky splityBecky Split of StudyBlue announced they have 4.5M users and over 190M pieces of contentStudyBlue is a collaborative learning ecosystem that empowers more than 4.5 million people to master any subject.


Alex SayyahAlex Sayyah and Kourosh Parsapour of PersonalRN launched StrokeApp which aims to deliver context-dependent patient information. PersonalRN is a mHealth app for patient education and coordination of care.


sachin chaundrySachin Chaudhry of TrustCircle announced that more than 150 caregivers have signed up for the network that helps families seeking mental health networks. TrustCircle is a peer-centered mental health network that brings together consumers, caregivers, and mental healthcare providers.


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