Mentor: Domingo Guerra, Founder of Appthority

Founder Profile

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Appthority is the authority in app security.

Domingo Guerra, Founder & President of Appthority

Domingo Guerra

Founder & President

MBA, Entrepreneurship, Management of Technology and Innovation, Santa Clara University
MS, Mechanical Engineering, Product Design & Development, Stanford University
PRN Certificate, Product Creation and Innovative Manufacturing Certificate, Stanford University

Appthority recently won “Most Innovative Company” at RSA, 2012.  Domingo shares his insights here on how he was able to lead his company win this Innovation Sandbox competition.

Domingo will be available to advise on the Benefits of Using a Conference to Launch your Startup, including topics such as:

  • The deciding factor in choosing the right conference
  • Getting nominated for the “most innovative company of the year”
  • The decision to launch at the conference
  • Leveraging your resources as a startup
  • Taking advantage of media attention when it is there

fnMentoring is on Wednesday, 4/25/12 beginning at 10.30am. RSVP here for one of three available 20 minute slots to meet with our featured guest(s).


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