fnMentoring functions accelerate your startup and expand your high-tech network through mentoring sessions with founders and featured guest experts. Functions are free to members but require your RSVP. If you are not a member you can apply here. Next week’s featured guest will be:

Name: David Ehrenberg

David Ehrenberg, CEO of Early Growth Financial Services

David Ehrenberg, CEO of Early Growth Financial Services


Background: David works with entrepreneurs and businesses at all stages of development, providing financial insight and mentorship. He founded Early Growth Financial Services in 2008 to provide a service that he couldn’t find when he was working in early stage companies – outsourced high-quality accounting and strategic financial consulting services on-demand. David personally oversee all of the work we do at EGFS to ensure top-quality service.

He is inspired by the entrepreneurs he works with on a daily basis. It’s his passion to help businesses with great potential to focus their internal resources on what they do best — so they can scale and succeed.

Company: Early Growth Financial Services provides outsourced finance, accounting, tax, and corporate governance services for businesses at all stages of development. EGFS has particular expertise working with early-stage companies, helping them to build, establish, and manage the infrastructure, processes, and procedures they need to grow. Instead of hiring full-time employees, reduce your cost structure and better focus your internal resources by engaging the EGFS team at the level you need — on an ongoing or project basis.

EGFS provides part-time CFOs to work with your executive team on corporate strategy, creating business and financial plans, corporate governance, raising funds, building your company infrastructure, and more. We also provide controllers, accounting managers, accountants, and bookkeepers to take care of your day-to-day administrative functions.

fnMentoring is on Wednesday, October 2nd beginning at 5:00 pm. RSVP here to participate in this event.


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