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Alex Bagden, tech startup founder

Alex Bagden, Co-Founder of Rooster Grin Media & Henge Docks

Topic Desciption: Online Marketing & Webdesign

Name: Alex Bagden

Bio: Alex, an avid runner and tough mudder, launched Rooster Grin Media in 2011 and has grown the company from a single employee to a full service boutique digital marketing firm. Before taking the entrepreneurial route, Alex worked at private equity firm glendonTodd Capital as an analyst and Excel svengali.

Before entering the business world, Alex’s passions were physics and teaching physics. He graduated from University of Virginia with a Masters in Education and a BS in Physics and loves watermelon beer.

Company: Rooster Grin Media, founded in 2011, is a San Francisco based company that builds fast, interactive, great looking websites.

Roost Grin Media specializes in Ortho & Dental Website Design, however, they can create web designs for any industry. All of their projects include a content management system, easy to read web statistics, cross browser validated code, and never-ending support.

Rooster Grin Media was founded on the concept that they can become a competitive advantage for their clients. Rooster Grin Media customizes each solution for each client. Every client gets specific and individualized attention as well as a marketing program that is tailored to their strengths, needs, and goals.

fnMentoring is on Wednesday, February 6th 2013, beginning at 10:30 am. RSVP to participate in this event.

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