2016: Reflection and Statistics From the Year


Just like every other company out there, here at Founders Network, we’re in the midst of reflecting on the past year, and looking for ways to improve in the next. The fun part about our job is— we get to reflect on the successes of the 500+ founders in our Network. Here are some noteworthy stats on Founders Network members in 2016:

The New Guys

In their lifetime, the founders admitted in 2016 have:

  • Raised ~$3B
  • ~$2B in exit value
  • Founded 244 startups
  • Hired 2,783 employees
2016 Press Mentions
2016 Demographics:
  • Diversity: In 2016, we’ve maintained twice the national average of female founders, as we have year over year
  • Globalization: We’ve increased both our Vancouver and London membership by 50%
  • Tech Sectors: The number of AR/VR startups in Founders Network has increased by 33% this year

These accomplishments are our members, not ours, and we’re proud to facilitate their Network for them.

Happy Holidays from the FN team, may 2017 bring more ideas, rounds raised, and companies founded!

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