Cinepapaya Founders Raise $2M in Funding

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Cinepapaya makes tech startup news headlines this week

Check out Founders Network members making tech startup news headlines in this week’s member news roundup. Founders Network offers peer mentorship for over 500 tech startup founders. To learn more about FN, please visit

Founders CinepapayaGary Urteaga & Manuel Olguin‘s startup Cinepapaya raises $2M in funding (via Jonathan Shieber, TechCrunch). Cinepapaya is a platform for the online and mobile sales of movie tickets for emerging markets, offering a B2B E-commerce turn-key solution for partner movie theaters including web and mobile, ticket validation and Business Intelligence.

Domingo GuerraDomingo Guerra, Founder of Appthority is featured on PRESS:HERE on NBC (via Appthority is an app-risk management service that helps enterprises identify and manage the risks hidden in mobile apps.

aranhAran Hamilton‘s startup Vantage Analytics is named one of The Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) “Top 20″ Hottest Innovative Companies (via Ian hardy, Betakit). Vantage Analytics offers today’s leading online business managers a collection of powerful predictive analytics and data mining.

Vincent Turner, Founder, PlanwiseVincent Turner‘s startup Planwise is one of FinCapDev Finalists (via Business Wire). Planwise is a technology company that helps individuals make financial decisions and take control of their personal economy.

Diego Villarreal MeyerDiego Villarreal Meyer demos Banter! at SF New Tech (YouTube). Banter! is “Waze for having a blast!” – featuring a map with nearby happy hours, live music and more, all in real-time!

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