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RiiwardsRiiwards: Now Hiring, an easy to use loyalty and CRM solution for small businesses, is hiring a Marketing Director in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: Riiwards is ready to go to market in partnership with three global public companies. They’re looking for a champion of demand generation who can develop and execute multi-touch demand programs that drive new customer acquisition. The candidate should understand the latest online marketing trends, best practices, and supporting technologies in the B2B SaaS world.

To learn more about this open position and to see how to apply, email Uday@Riiwards.com.

Good.co: Now Hiring!Good.Co, a self-discovery platform and network for those looking for more meaning in their careers, is hiring a Quantitative Marketer in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: Track and optimize user acquisition campaigns on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc), mobile ad networks, DSPs, RTBs and more.  Create, implement & manage multiple user acquisition experiments and identify and implement new marketing partners. Optimize targeting, creatives, marketing messages, marketing spend, bids and budget allocation. Work closely with analytics on maximizing potential of both free (social, search, etc) and paid channels to deliver the highest ROI.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

UserVoice, which integrates easy-to-use feedback, helpdesk, and uservoiceknowledge base management tools in one platform to empower customer support, is hiring an Office & Event Coordinator in San Francisco, California.

Role Description: Manage the day-to-day logistics of running both Raleigh & San Francisco offices, and create and manage the aesthetics of each UserVoice location. Craft a fun and easy onboarding process for new employees. Handle tasks and logistics that free up employees to be more productive, and plan events that bring the team together.

To read more about this open position and to see how to apply click here.

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