News For Week of May 12: Micah Baldwin, Founder of was the Featured Guest on The VentureBeat Tech Podcast

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Micah Baldwin, GraphiclyMicah Baldwin, Founder of was the featured guest on the VentureBeat Tech Podcast. provides authors and publishers the simplest and most cost-effective access to digital content conversion and distribution, across every marketplace imaginable, with comprehensive actionable insights on reader behavior.


Håkon Harberg, Founder and CEO of Vidamo GroupHakon Harberg‘s startup Vidamo Group was ranked #5 of 5 Norway companies to achieve Momentum Ranking by SIGNL (via Vidamo Group is a mobile technology provider for a global portfolio of brands and enterprise customers.


Ken Zi WangKen Zi Wang‘s startup Buzzstarter launched a platform for brands to do programmatic content marketing (via Ryan Lawler, TechCrunch). Buzzstarter automates content marketing using a programmatic platform.


josh soltJosh Solt‘s startup Spoiler Shield announced latest version of the Spoiler Shield app and a new Google Chrome Extension have been released (via Marketwired press release). Spoiler Shield is an app that blocks TV and sports spoilers in your social media feed.


Cynthia Schames,Cynthia Schames and Lex Mustafin‘s startup AbbeyPost was named 1 of 3 NYC Startups that are going to kill it in 500 Startups’ Latest Class (via Bonnie Halper, AlleyWatch). AbbeyPost is a Made to Measure women’s apparel brand created using 3D body scanning & innovative real time manufacturing techniques.


alex wolfAlex Wolf‘s startup’s project Ferret was shortlisted at the NYC Design100 Awards (via Ferret is a way for kids to learn about animals, their anatomy and behavior, in a visual tablet format.


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