News For Week of October 21:Micah Baldwin Founder of Graphicly was featured in Faces of Innovation


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Micah Baldwin, GraphiclyMicah Baldwin, Founder of Graphicly was featured in Faces of Innovation. Graphicly provides authors and publishers the simplest and most cost-effective access to digital content conversion and distribution, across every marketplace imaginable, with comprehensive actionable insights on reader behavior.


Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of InternMatch

Nathan Parcells of InternMatch had a guest blog post in Blogging4Jobs. InternMatch allows students discover amazing internship opportunities they would have never otherwise considered.


Mat Ellis, Founder and CEO of CloudabilityMat Ellis‘ startup Cloudability was featured in OpenForum‘s 12 Tools To Help You Jump Into The Cloud. Cloudability provides comprehensive tools that measure cloud infrastructure costs and usage throughout an organization.


Eneko KnorrEneko Knorr’s startup Ludei was featured in Develop’s 15 essential mobile game development tools. Ludei is a game technology company that provides developers with all the ingredients they need to quickly and easily develop, optimize and distribute HTML5-based games.


Rival.MeBen Colman and Sameer Gupta‘s startup RivalMe was featured in VentureBeat. RivalMe is a revolutionary new way to play trivia against your friends.



Mark UnthankMark Unthank‘s startup CoolNerd Kiosks™ made the 2nd Round of the Intuit Super Bowl Commercial Competition. CoolNerd Kiosks™ are digital signage, digital downloading & smartphone charging kiosks.


Kourosh ParsapourKourosh Parsapour of 5Plus  was featured in the Orange County Register. 5Plus improves physiotherapy efficiency with their proprietary software and Kinect to reduce assessment and documentation time from 30 to 2 min.


Julie Thorne EngelsJulie Thorne Engles‘ startup BettyVision was featured in the Huffington Post. Bettyvision is a female empowerment platform that invites women to visualize their dreams and receive the support and resources to make them a reality.

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