News For Week of June 2: Nitin Pachisia Announces the Launch of Trymbl’s Try-Before-You-Buy

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Nitin Pachisia1. Nitin Pachisia announces the launch of Try-Before-You-Buy, online shopping for beauty and baby products. With Trymbl, consumers enjoy a personalized experience with relevant product information aggregated for them, can try free samples on-demand, buy what they like, at the best price, and socially engage with co-shoppers

Stephen Dash, CEO of joinStampede2. Congratulations to Steven Dash of joinStampede on being featured in CBS Los Angeles for utilizing social media to tackle student debt crisis. joinStampede is the world’s first campaign to unite people with student debt.

Josh Kalven, Founder and CEO of Newsbound3. Josh Kalven announces that Newsbound was named to the GOOD 100 by GOOD Magazine! Newsbound chews up and partially digests complicated news stories and, like a mother bird feeding her young, regurgitates them in a smooth, nutritious format.

Michael Castellano, CEO/Founder of engajer4. Congratulations to Michael Castellano of Engajer for integrating with LinkedIn. The Engajer platform allows pieces of video content to be embedded into a website or sent via email to prospects or linked within banner ads.

Allen Tsai, Ekata Systems, Tapestry5. Allen Tsai announces that Ekata Systems, Inc. was elected as a winner at TiECon’s TiE50 start-up competition. Ekata Systems, Inc. is a “Dynamic Peer-to-Peer” (DP2P) platform that leverages the WiFi radio as a “radar” to discover and connect with peers in proximity.

AbelCuskelly6. Congratulations to Abel Cuskelly of Pogoseat for being one of 12 startups that is presenting at Angel Pad’s demo day. Pogoseat is an an enterprise seat upgrade solution that allows ticketholders to upgrade their seat while they are attending an event.

Eneko Knorr7. Eneko Knorr announces that Ludei has pulled in more than 5,000 developers to create games on its HTML5 game engine. Ludei enables developers to create, test and distribute HTML5 titles across mobile and web platforms such as iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Tizen.

Bryan Wargo8. Congratulations to Bryan Wargo for Nearbuy Systems being one of the 2013 TiE50 WinnersNearbuy Systems provides a SaaS platform that enables brick-and-mortar retailers to capitalize on the intersection of the mobile internet and the physical store.

Richard White, Co-founder and the CEO of UserVoice9. Congratulations to Richard White of Uservoice for making Netmagazine’s top 10 realtime web apps. Uservoice creates simple customer engagement tools that help companies understand and interact with their customers more positively and build customer relationships that last.


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