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David Cheng, Founder and CEO of VendorStackWe want to wish David Cheng of VendorStack congratulations for obtaining funding from 500Startups. VendorStack is a service that helps guide businesses and corporations toward the best vendors for the services they need. Users can rate vendors for other users to see, and those recommendations are extremely valuable. With VendorStack, there’s no more guessing about which vendor to use. Simply choose your vendor based on the information VendorStack’s platform provides.

Mat Ellis, Founder and CEO of CloudabilityMat Ellis of Cloudability announced an analytics tool this week for AWS customers who are encountering a constant influx of billing data since Amazon Web Services added hourly detailed billing reports. In the past, Excel was all that was needed to manage the monthly data flow, however spreadsheets are useless when data arrives an on hourly basis. Through Cloudability, all of the data is transformed into reports that are able to be customized to suit the customers’ needs. Cloudability offers insight to businesses into their cloud spending, giving them the tools they need to make wise decisions.

Chad JacksonCongratulations to Chad Jackson of Sendicate on the release of the new app, Guest’d! Guest’d is a digital guest book that’s fully customizable to give businesses a unique, yet beautiful way to connect with their customers. Guest’d automatically syncs in the Cloud, and customers don’t even need a network connection to use it. Sendicate is an email app that allows you to send beautiful, simple emails to those people who matter the most. Their customizable email platform makes creating personalized emails easy and fun.

 Matt OscamouWe are really excited for Matt Oscamou of Frontier Snacks, who reached their very first funding goal this past week. Frontier Bites are made from eight different ingredients to form an energy snack that’s not only delicious, but it fuels your body for work or play. Their next funding goal is $10k, which will pay for their packaging materials as well as the ingredients that are hand-picked to create their three flavors of Frontier Bites.

Richard White, Co-founder and the CEO of UserVoiceRichard White of UserVoice announced this week that they’re rolling out some features that will help to harness the power of customer support data. The new launch is called Touchpoint Toolkit, and Richard’s goal with this incredible tool is to foster more engagement from users. UserVoice is so much more than just a Helpdesk. It’s an embedded customer service experience that gives users a voice, which will help companies to design new products.

Arjun Dev Arora, ReTargeterCongratulations to Arjun Dev Arora of ReTargeter for making it on iMediaConnections’ Top 5 Companies to Watch from ad:tech in San Fransisco. ReTargeter uses short tag technology to produce great advertising results. Through better branding and targeted display ads that are sent at just the right times, businesses are finding that they have a higher ROI than ever before.

Neha Sampat, CEO of Raw Engineering, IncCongrats to Neha Sampat of raw engineering on their successful launch of the first mobile appdevelopment platform that was designed specifically for enterprises., the platform that’s currently in beta, specializes in lightning-fast app development. It provides developers with a ton of app design shortcuts and a way to focus on building terrific apps without all the hassle of worrying about the backend. Raw engineering has proven once again that they’re the software engineering experts of choice in an ever-growing and expanding industry.

Gyft, Vinny Lingham, FounderThis week, Vinny Lingham of Gyft announced a partnership with Giuliana Rancic. Gyft is a brand-new service that combines purchasing and redeeming gift cards with social media and mobile devices. Ms. Rancic is a huge fan of Gyft because of the fact that it simplifies her gift cards for her in one place. There’s never any worry about losing a gift card, or forgetting to use one.

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