News For Week of November 4: Pogoseat Announces They Are Now Bicoastal

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AbelCuskellyAbel CuskellyZach Cuskelly, and Evan Owens‘s startup Pogoseat announced they are now Bicoastal. Pogoseat is an enterprise ticketing solution that gives fans an app to upgrade their seat & purchase unique experiences during a live event.


Richard MandebergRichard Mandeberg‘s startup GroundCntrl released data which shows how big-box retailers and pop-ups vary in their approach to attracting Halloween shoppers during the final weekend before the Halloween holiday. GroundCntrl is a mobile workforce management for remote workers. SaaS platform of managing, engaging, and collecting data from workers on the go.

Rival.MeBen Colman and Sameer Gupta‘s startup RivalMe has advanced to the final round of GamesBeat 2013 Innovation Showdown. RivalMe is a revolutionary new way to play trivia against your friends.


Cynthia Schames,Cynthia Schames and Lex Mustafin’s startup AbbeyPost was featured in TechCrunchAbbeyPost is a buy-sell marketplace exclusively focused on the $18B women’s Plus Size fashion market.


Blazej MarciniakBlazej Marciniak‘s announced the launch of at TechCrunch Disrupt conference in Berlin. is a fast, simple and secure file collaboration. Invite members and work the same way you work. Securely share any data size, instantly.


Marcus Nelson of AddvocateMarcus Nelson of Addvocate was featured in VentureBeat. Addvocate provides the technology, the expertise and the guidance to help businesses magnify employees’ social voices to increase sales, inform customers, and enhance the reputation of their brand, their company and their products.


Uri Pomerantz of Guide Financial was featured in Mashable. Guide Financial gives you a weekly financial report and step-by-step help.



Jack Al-Kahwati,Jack Al-Kahwati of Velo Labs, Inc. was featured in Mission Local. Velo Labs, Inc is developing an internet of things consumer electronic device.



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