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Founder Profile

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Founder of HolisticMD

David Kuoch, Founder of HolisticMD

David Kuoch

Member Cohort:
February 2012

San Francisco, Ca.

Masters Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine 
Masters in Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicines

B.S, Political Science

Prior Experience:

  • Founders Institute Graduate
  • Publisher and Author at Acumedwest inc.

Current Startup:
– Helps connect patients to healthcare providers depending on their specific life needs.

To make holistic and complementary medicine easier. To share, entertain and educate by providing our customers with the most reliable and independent information dedicated to improving their health and well-being.


  • Graduating from Founders Institute 4th class in Nov’11
Current Focus:
  • Product beta
  • Getting our content out there
  • Testing SEO
  • Building the community
  • Launching March 15th, 2012

Lessons Learned:
“As a founder, you really have to vet your developers And make sure that they are legit.”

Staying Motivated:
“When you are doing a startup, you just have to do it because no one else is gonna do it. You must bite bullet and put in the hours. Make sure to get pushback from your wife, that she understands and is supportive of you. You have to prioritize things and ensure that you balance your work-life with your private-life.”

Biggest Mentor:
“My biggest mentor is, founder of 1800dentist, Fred Joyal. He really likes what he is doing, he believes in it and sees the potential in it. We met via Founders Institute. He has made lots introductions to angel investors. We usually sit down monthly to talk about strategy and he is extremely helpful. He has by far been my best advisor so far.”

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