Founder Profile: Andrew Jones, co-founder of GolfRival

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Co-founder of GolfRival

Andrew Jones, co-founder of GolfRival

Andrew Jones

Member Cohort:
March 2012

San Jose, Ca.

MBA Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University
BA, Western Michi

Prior Experience:

  • Extensive vendor/customer relationship management experience
  • Knowledge in financial/contract negotiations
  • Supply chain management experience
  • Management experience in launching new products and leading new ventures

Current Startup:
– a social network enabling golfers to connect and compete when and where they want.

To empower golfers to connect and compete when and where they want.


  • Launch page & logo
  • Founders network membership acceptance
  • Front end/back end mockups for iphone/web
Current Focus:
  • Product beta launch in May
  • Working in alpha prototype, design, and wireframing

Lessons Learned:
“It’s unbelievably important to focus on having a good team.  The ideas may change, but the core team will stay the same.”

Staying Motivated:
“I’ve learned through this process that if you’ve given it everything you’ve got to into your startup and it doesn’t succeed, it doesn’t feel like as big of a failure. There’s nothing worse than regret about something you should have done and didn’t. You just have to try to leave everything you’ve got out there.”

Biggest Mentor:
“I don’t have one specific mentor.  For me, it’s more about various trusted sources that I go to for advice based on their specific experience (e.g. golf pros, country club managers, website design, etc).”

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