Introducing the October ’15 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders

October 2015 fn cohort

The October 2015 cohort of new startup founders draws in multiple serial entrepreneurs as well as backgrounds in big engineering (Amazon, Apple, Google) and business roles (Bloomberg, EMC, Accenture).

As you get to know your newest peers, keep an eye out: in addition to the usual educational pedigrees, we have a veteran of the International Physics Olympiad amongst us!

Please welcome to Founders Network:

6Ann Montgomery, Co-Founder / CEO of Rolo: Rolo is a platform to easily capture, privately save, & selectively share anything you want to remember. Ann is based in San Francisco.



5Jack Smith, Founder of PopRaz: Discover, organize and share the best businesses curated by experts. Jack is based in Seattle.



4Jeremy Clement, Co-Founder of Project Expedition: A discovery and booking platform for tours and activities in adventure destinations around the world. Jeremy is based in New York City.




Jonathan Tang, Founder of WearApp Watch: App recommendations for smart watches. Jonathan is based in San Francisco.



2Justin Santamaria, Co-Founder / Chief Product & Technology Officer of Rolo: Rolo is a platform to easily capture, privately save, & selectively share anything you want to remember. Justin is based in San Francisco.



1Krassimir Fotev, Founder of Peer Belt Inc: Peerbelt combines Natural Language Processing techniques with behavioral curation to keep the best stories at your users’ fingertips. Krassimir is based in New York City.


11Lee Loughnane, Founder & CEO of SocialSource: Phew! is the first and only app that provides parent/community approved, age-specific YouTube and web content for kids. Lee is based in San Francisco.


10Leslie Wu, Co-Founder of Readme Labs: Venture News: Best content, best commentary, by community. Leslie is based in Silicon Valley.



9Ricardo Amper, Founder & CEO of Incode Technologies: With Incode we want to revolutionize sharing and place control back in the users’ hands. Essentially, our goal is to give users their freedo. Ricardo is based in San Francisco.


8Thomas Penichter, Founder of Gophr: your digital librarian. Thomas is based in New York City.



7Vickie Zhao, Founder of Travel Startup-Name Pending: Stealth product. Vickie is based in San Francisco.

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