Internet Plumbing Basics & Options1 min read

I feel that the attention focused on “CLOUD” has kept many startups and founders of startups from actually looking into and understanding what cloud really is… namely a way to deploy physical IT Infrastructure. Rather than asking what your cloud strategy should be, you need to be asking; What does my business really need right now? What are all the options available to me? How do I evaluate all these options?

To this end, I’ve created a short presentation to help guide you, and hopefully get you started asking the right questions if you are not already. Please send your feedback to if you dig this, kinda dig it, hate it… whatever.

Version 1 below is made for those who are a bit geeky

Version 2 below is made for those who are not so geeky

Sean Tario is founder & CEO of Open Spectrum Inc., a global IT Infrastructure brokerage, consulting and recruiting firm. Sean is a seasoned IT professional, entrepreneur and possibility advocate. He has worked over the years with dozens of start-ups and scaling companies in Director roles and as a general advisor, consultant and sales producer. His primary focus and passions over the years have been in building authentic communities of high tech entrepreneurs, new business acquisition through solution selling, recruiting talent within scaling startups and implementing systems and processes that will ensure scalability and transparency throughout an organization.

He contributes his success to a continued adherence to the core principles of Integrity, delivering sustained value to his clients, serving as a client advocate within the organizations he’s worked for, and the belief that Business is Always VERY Personal.

Sean Tario is founder and CEO of Open Spectrum Inc., a global IT Infrastructure brokerage, consulting and recruiting firm. Sean is actively engaged with business and economic development in Santa Cruz County where he lives and around Silicon Valley where he spends most his working hours. He is a Rotarian and works with the Second Harvest Food Bank to help feed those in need. Sean received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Santa Clara University.

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