How To Find Product-Market Fit with Yarden Tadmor


Yarden Tadmor is a founder, CEO, and angel investor. As a seasoned technology startup entrepreneur, he has over 25 years of experience building software technology startups from the ground up. His extensive skill set includes helping to launch and build a variety of technology startups as Chief Revenue Officer at Taboola and a VP at Quigo –which was later acquired by AOL.

As a founder, he’s led companies to acquisitions of over $380 million and grown a sales pipeline from $0 to $70 million. Today, Yarden takes his refined entrepreneurial experience and infuses it into startups as an advisor and investor.

On July 5, Yarden will lead an investor pitch practice and office hours for Founders Network members. During his session, he will share tips on how to find product-market fit, scaling, and more.

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Finding Product-Market Fit 

Product-market fit exists at the sweet spot where a product’s features, benefits, and pricing align with the target customers’ wants and needs. Businesses that conduct market research, analyze customer feedback, and continually iterate on their product are more likely to succeed by meeting the needs of the market.

“Entrepreneurs identify a need gap in the market. To build their idea they can choose from a variety of business models. If they choose wrong it can be very detrimental to the future of their business. This is especially true if a founder is running on early-stage funding, friends and family funds, or angel capital,” says Yarden.

Founders have a short runway to build and refine their business models. Every cent spent in the early months is critical, and knowing how to refine their business is one of the core elements for success.

Yarden helps entrepreneurs identify data and business model changes to fill market gaps. Once the business idea is landed, and the market opportunity is aligned, a startup founder will find that they are much better positioned to take on and grow in the market. 

Three Founder Mistakes To Avoid 

As an investor who has spent years building startups, coaching founders, and investing in tech – helping founders avoid common mistakes is important for Yarden. 

“Choosing the wrong co-founder is probably one of the top three mistakes founders make. After that, it’s not Iterating or pivoting quickly enough. The final would be misspending or not knowing how to spend early-stage capital well,” he says.

According to Yarden, knowing what your strengths are as a founder is just as important as understanding what to avoid. For him, partnering with others was integral to his success.

I found as a founder that I had way more success joining other founders,” says Yarden. “I’ve been fortunate to identify great early-stage teams and partner with really early-stage founders to build businesses that scaled massively. I reached five out of five exits.”

As an advisor, Yarden works directly with founders to look under the hood and understand what aspects of the business are running well while doing his due diligence to also address the areas of potential growth.

“I think the most enjoyable thing about being an entrepreneur is that you are able to conceive ideas 24-7 and execute them immediately,” says Yarden. “During this process, it’s essential to have a sounding board to know what you’re getting right and where you may start to veer off course.”

Yarden is also involved in a number of angel investor networks including his local network, the Miami Angels. The group is composed of over 150 angel investors, many of whom have been entrepreneurs themselves.

To learn more from Yarden see if you qualify for a Founders Network membership to attend his session on July 6.

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