Founders Network Fund: Fueling the Next Generation of Tech Unicorns


For over a decade, Founders Network has served as a thriving hub for tech startups, fostering collaboration, growth, and shared success through our peer-to-peer mentorship model. Now, FN takes the next step, empowering our members with the resources they need to transform their innovative ideas into thriving businesses through the launch of Founders Network Fund.

Since 2011, Founders Network has fostered a culture of peer-to-peer mentorship and support, empowering thousands of members to build transformative companies. This has resulted in a powerful pipeline of promising startups, including unicorns like Docker, ProductBoard, and Braze.

FN Fund represents a natural evolution for our community. It allows FN to leverage our deep understanding of early-stage startups to provide crucial funding and support to the next generation of tech unicorns.

Why FN Fund?

The launch of the FN Fund was driven by three key objectives:

Capitalizing on Missed Opportunities. We have witnessed countless member companies achieve remarkable success, but access to capital remains a critical challenge for many early-stage ventures. FN Fund aims to bridge this gap and provide valuable funding to deserving startups within our network.

Strengthening the FN Community. By directly investing in our members, we further align our goals with their success. This incentivizes us to invest even more in programs and initiatives that equip our founders with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Democratizing Access to Capital. We believe that access to startup funding should not be limited by background or privilege. FN Fund is committed to supporting diverse and underrepresented founders, fostering a more inclusive and equitable tech ecosystem.

What to Expect from the Fund:

FN Fund focuses on investing in pre-seed and seed-stage startups, providing crucial funding support to startups during their critical early stages. Here’s what to expect:

Investment Stages. The Fund invests at pre-seed ($25K-$50K) and seed stages ($250k-$300k).

Standard Offer. Founders can choose between a $25K investment for 2% equity or a $50K investment for 3% equity.

Portfolio Benefits. In addition to funding, portfolio companies receive access to valuable resources like peer roundtables, investor introductions, thought leadership opportunities, brand exposure, and ongoing mentorship.

Our Holistic Approach

FN Fund goes beyond mere capital investment. It offers a comprehensive support system designed to propel startups from the early stages to sustainable growth

FN Fund provides a unique blend of resources and opportunities tailored to accelerate your startup’s growth:

Portfolio Roundtable. Monthly meetings where portfolio founders can share insights and experiences, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for learning and growth.

Access to fnInvestors. Personalized intros to Founders Network’s extensive network of 100+ angel investors and venture capitalists to help you quickly raise your round. 

Thought Leadership. Opportunities to speak at Founders Network events and global conferences, enhancing your startup’s visibility and establishing you as a thought leader in your industry.

Brand Exposure. Promotion to our global audience of 300,000+ tech enthusiasts and potential investors through our blog, newsletter, and social channels, positioning your company for success.

Peer Mentorship. Tailored guidance and support from experienced founders through our mentorship platform and exclusive peer-to-peer networking events.

Getting Funded

To qualify for funding from FN Fund, founders need to meet certain criteria. FN Fund believes in investing in companies with the potential for exceptional growth. To qualify for funding, your startup should have a strong team, ideally with a passionate technical co-founder and prior entrepreneurial experience, a compelling product addressing a real market need with a functional MVP, initial customer traction, and revenue potential.  

Meeting these criteria will strengthen your case for funding:

Prior Exit(s) or Complete Team. Demonstrating experience and team strength is crucial, ideally with a co-founder and a functional MVP.

Initial Traction. Companies should have initial traction in the form of customer acquisition, revenue generation, or significant validation from key stakeholders.

Membership in Founders Network. Participation in the Founders Network community is mandatory, allowing the Fund to assess your commitment and alignment with our values.

The Funding Process:

FN Fund follows a streamlined process to evaluate potential investments:

Meet Criteria. Ensure your company meets the basic criteria for consideration.

Initial Meeting. Schedule an initial meeting with the Fund team to discuss your venture.

Deck Review. Submit your pitch deck for evaluation by the Fund’s investment committee.

Deal Memo. If your pitch is successful, you’ll receive a deal memo outlining the terms of the proposed investment.

Reference Checks. The Fund may conduct reference checks with individuals familiar with your company and team.

For Prospective Members

Prospective members can expect a unique and valuable experience through Founders Network:

Exclusive Community. Joining the network grants access to a close-knit community of over 600 experienced tech founders, offering invaluable peer-to-peer mentorship and support.

Focus on Lifelong Success. The network goes beyond short-term gains and prioritizes the lifelong success of our members, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

Comprehensive Resources. Members gain access to a robust online platform, educational programs, personalized support, and opportunities to connect with investors and potential partners.

Pathway to Funding. Membership serves as the first step towards potentially qualifying for funding from FN Fund, providing a direct path to securing capital.

FN Fund is more than just an investment vehicle. It’s a catalyst for innovation and growth, empowering the next generation of tech founders. By joining Founders Network, you gain access to a powerful ecosystem of support and resources, paving the way for your startup’s success. With the support of the Founders Network and potentially FN Fund, you can significantly increase your chances of establishing a successful and impactful tech venture.

Ready to unlock your startup’s potential? Apply for FN membership today.

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