Founders Network 2017 Year In Review

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In 2017 Founders Network added over 150 members with over $1 billion in financing raised and from eight different global cities.

We would like to give special recognition to the accomplishments of the following FN’ers in 2017:                           

Jeremy Almond (Founder, PayStand) raised $6M (Venturebeat Coverage)

Louis-Victor-Jadavji (Co-founder, Wiivv) Made Forbes 30 Under 30 All Star Alumni

Eric Dy (Founder, Bloomlife) raised $4.3M (TechCrunch Coverage)

Yu-Kai Chou (Founder, Octalysis Framework) was named one of the world’s leading experts in gamification in Forbes

Rajesh Kalidindi (Founder, Levadata) raised $3M (Spend Matters Coverage)

Ilker Koksal (Founder, Botanalytics) Made Forbes 30 Under 30

Johannes Waldstein (Founder, FanAi) raised $1.8M (Forbes Coverage)

Andrew Schulz (Co-founder, NoiseAware) raised $1.6M (Forbes Coverage)

Lukas-Karim Merhi’s (Founder, BioInteractive Technologies) Product is Being Tested at NASA

Congrats on a successful 2017! @jeremyalmond @LegendaryLVJ @eric_dy 
@yukaichou @waldsteinj @tufticus @BioIntTech

Thanks to all the founders who participated in us collecting this data, and for continuing to foster and grow this incredible community!